Enjoying the Annapurna Circuit


I’m planning to go trekking along the Annapurna Circuit somewhere this weekend, unions permitting I must say. I planned to go independently but if we could form a small group that might open new possibilities.

I’ve got some 4 weeks to spend here in Nepal, so I’m in no hurry and would like to be open to nice sidetreks or whatever may cross my path.

Might be great to already meet some fellow Annapurna trekkies here in Kathmandu (where I’m currently staying, or on the way to Besi Sahar). If you would like to join me, you can reach me on arnejeninga@gmail.com. Perhaps we could also exchange tips for transport to Besi Hari as I heard there would be a tourist bus going there tomorrow.

Good trekking everybody!

Arne (29, male, dutch)



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