EBC/Gokyo Ri March/April

I want to hike Gokyo Ri to EBC in the end of March/early April. I’m flexible with dates and ideas. I’m a 25 year old American female currently living in Australia. I’m an avid hiker and outdoors person so I can pull my own weight. I’m up for an adventure! I’ll be coming from a few month exploration of SE Asia before I come to Nepal, as well. I’m laid back and am looking for some fellow mellow people looking for an adventure.

United States


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  1. Hey, how are you? I am planning Annapurna region most like end of Feb or early March. I am also open with EBC idea but not sure about it. But i am planning through organizer which is bit convenient as things are already planned. Just msg me if you would like to join/share the trip and we can discuss in detail.


  2. Hi Willow,

    Are you planning on going to Nepal in 2014?



  3. Hi Guys
    I am planning to go to EBC towards 3rd week of March and continue in April till back to base. I have heard of Gokyo ri and sounds pretty tempting. I would love to have a company to talk to on the way. I am from Bhutan and a trekker too.

  4. Hi

    I have plans post Jan-2014 anytime when weather is conducive, already working on the same. Do not mind doing alone but having good company would be a bonus.

    Pls share if you have anything further details chalked out.

  5. Hi
    Im planning a solo trip to ebc starting late march 2014 too. Let me know your plans and perhaps we cld do together.

  6. Hi xelle22
    I may start from 24 March 14 and proceed to Gokyo ri and then EBC via chola pass. Please read this route it is very interesting. I may spend an extra day at Gokyo for side trips and another additional day at Gorak shep. Otherwise, I am even thinking of covering longer distances and reduce days which appears possible.
    I would love to have company on the way.

  7. I am a 51 year old male from India, living in the US. I hike occationally but keep fit. I plan to do Goyko and Ebc in he same time frame. Do you have a trekking outfit in mind or plan to hire guide or porters right there?

  8. Shankar
    I am thinking of the Kilos concerning outfits as I may not take any porter unless for companion on the way incase if I am alone! I am familar with trekking in himalayas and for me this particular trek is perhaps not very difficult pertaining to logistics, therefore, no worries. Ley us keep in touch especially by february 14. Cheers

  9. Sorry for the delay in responding! I have never done this trek before but if possible would avoid hiring a guide or porter. If anyone has done it before, do you know if this is a good idea? I’ll be in Kathmandu on march 14th and have one friend meeting me on the 28th to join me. We plan to head straight to lukla for the trek a day or so after. We are pretty positive we will be doing gokyo ri then chola pass to ebc. Anyone interested?

  10. @willow ritch keep in touch, I am planning to hit the road by 3rd or 4th week of March 14. Perhaps, the first half of march may find the reminiscene of the winter weather obstructing clear views, late march and april for sure would be the best time. @ Shankar, keep in touch. Greetings guys

  11. Hi Willow,

    I am planning to go Nepal End March/Early April but have not confirm the date yet. My plan is to do EBC and Island peak trekking. This is my 1st time in Nepal.

  12. Hi WIllow,
    Have you finalized the dates yet? I am planning EBC during the same time and looking for partners. I am 35 M from USA.

  13. Hi Willow,

    I am 31 y/o from Israel and planning to trek the EBC and Gokio. I prefer to trek independently, without a guide or a porter.
    Currently, I fly to Kathmandu on the 24 March and have a return flight on the 16 April, so I don’t have a lot of time and I want to start the trek soon after I arrive.
    What are your plans? maybe we could trek together?

  14. Hi
    I’m in!
    EBC then? I’m ready to hit the trail on march 29
    Let.me know

  15. Hello, I should be going to Everest, jiri, Everest three passes (Everest area) next week. Where are you on the planing ?