EBC/Gokyo Ri in Nov 2013

Hello! I’m a 24 year old female American travelling to Nepal in November 2013. My plans are not solid yet, so dates can be flexible. I want to make it to EBC, but have been told I really should try Gokyo Ri as well, which I believe is connected to EBC trek. I am willing to do both or simply the EBC. I would love some company! Any ideas for the trek are welcome!

Currently I have been backpacking Australia alone for the last 7 months. However, when I am home I am an avid hiker, kayaker, skiier, and have just been introduced to rock climbing.

United States


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  1. Hey – I’ve listed the same trip, although my timings are set and maybe a little too early for you… Let me know if you’re interested. Regardless, don’t stress about finding friends on the trail – most hiking in Nepal is very social – I’ve met and made some great friends on the trail each time I’ve been – as you tend to walk with essentially the same group of people each day – sooner or later you end up saying hello and making friends!


  2. Hi, I’m also doing gokyo, ebc via chola pass and then kala pattar mid November. Planning to fly to lukla November 14. Planning to do the whole trek for 21 days. I’m trekking solo with a guide and porter and would be awesome to trek together. If the dates don’t work out for you, hopefully we’ll see each other on the trails.

  3. We have already made a team of 5 members, 2 are from Bangladesh and 3 are from Shanghai.. we are planning for Everest Base Camp, and we will take 2 porters, but no guide.. We have booked a flight for Lukla in 4th September, so if it’s possible for you, you can join us !! Thanks..

    You can also see my last post, though I’ve made a small change on the schedule..

  4. Hey Guys,
    If any of you are planning on doing the trek later in October do give me a shout in this forum. We hope to start on the 24th of October. Presently its EBC and Island Peak that is planned. But do write in if you would like to know more details.

  5. Hello,
    I am also doing the EBC, planing to do it on the 31st Oct 13 for 14 days. I am trekking solo with a guide. It would be great to here your thoughts and recommendations.

  6. Hi your plan sounds perfect to me. I’m a 25 yr old Irish girl travelling solo and I want to do the same 2 passes with someone. I’m landing in Kathmandu Nov 2nd. I’d love to set off within a day or two of landing. I don’t want to hire a porter as I’m young and fit and i’m sure i’ll manage as my friend did it last year and just had a good map and did it solo and said its totally fine. I just want a bit of company. Fancy it?

  7. hi i am 28 years old male from israel , will be arriving kathmandu on 6 nov , fly to lukla on the 7th nov. planing on doing the ebc + gokyo ri and the renjo pass in a total of 20 days (3-4 acclimitization days included). its my second time in nepal doing the ebc , i am travelling alone and would love to find a partner that is fun to talk and walk with.
    i dont plan on taking a guide and i dont smoke but got no problem with others who do (-: