EBC via Goyko

Hi. I’m Tory from Australia and I’m going to do ebc via chola pass starting about 15th dec. I have already joined with Dhaval from India and we have found a package for about $1200usd each. I’m relatively fit but pretty laid back so happy to take it easy. If you’d like to join us just send a message through. Alternatively if we are more than two it might be more economical to hire and guide and porter and share costs that way instead of going with a agency. Hope to hear from you!



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  1. Hi Tory,
    If you’re planning to take porter with you then please contact me. I speak English well.
    Thank you

    • Hi. I have joined with another for this trip now and we hope to start about the 15 sept. We found a package for $1200usd all inclusive. I thought if we get a guide and porter the cost would work out about the same but we heard that some porters may also be able to act as guides. Is that something you might be able to do? Thank you

  2. hi

    I am Dhaval From india. yet to decide with dates but just came across to this community site and would like to explore on our own . i would be comfortable with mid September. Reaching lukla around 16th or 17th . and join the existing group or hire a porter or a guide .do let me know .

  3. Hi Tory and Dhaval, it might be too short notice, are you flexible about the start date? I’m interested in joining you by I’m starting a new job around 17th sept that I could push by a week or so. I would need to return 23 Sept to London. Thanks

  4. No I’m sorry, we already booked out Lukla flights.

  5. Hi Tory, Namaste and welcome to Nepal !
    I have read your program which is interesting one Now the time is very much close to your adventure trekking start date around 15th of Septemebr 2018/2019?
    I am Trekking and Mountain guide and Trip operator in Nepal
    if you need any help to arrange guide, Porters, Permit, Domestic air ticket, ground transportation and hotel reservation han please feel free to write me e-mail:raigambahadur@yahoo.com
    Looking forward to hear from you soon
    With Best Regards
    Gam Bahadur Rai