EBC via Gokyo

Looking forward to plan out my second independent EBC trek.
I have done it previously in December 2012 – was actually at the base camp on New Year’s Eve. The first attempt was on the traditional (shorter) route.
This time around, I want to add Gokyo as well before heading to EBC via Cho la.

Dates are flexible since I haven’t booked anything yet, however like last time I would want to avoid the peak period so December looks most favorable to me.

Looking forward to connect with fellow trekkers who may want to join the entire or part of trek.

(Sharing some images from previous trip.)



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  1. Hi Nitin,
    I am planning a similar itinerary but a bit later in Dec (2nd/3rd week). Was planning to go solo without guide or porter but am a bit apprehensive of crossing the Cho La pass alone, that too in the off season. So let me know if you can postpone your trip by a couple of weeks .

    • Hi Basu,

      Like I said, I’m at the very initial stage of planning. So dates are flexible.

      I’m certain guide is not required (at least I do not want to opt for one; but nothing to say others can’t!). Last time I had neither guide nor porter. However this time I want to dedicate a lot of time/effort to photography and hence I’m leaning towards hiring a porter.

      If we plan for mid to end of December, we just need to carry crampons etc. for Cho la and may need to have a couple of buffer days (just in case). Apart from that it shouldn’t be an issue.

  2. That seems fair enough. Will get back to you when my dates are finalized. We can then work out the exact details.

  3. Hi Nitin,

    Your plans to visit EBC and Gokyo lake sounds amazing. I think that’s the way to trek, take time to see and immerse yourself with the culture and surroundings. It will be amazing to do long exposures and time lapse photography during the trek, I understand that it will take time and it will take some serious effort to wake up early and staying out late in the cold to capture some of these beauties of nature. I’m bring my canon gears and GoPro for the trek. It will be amazing to join you for the trek.

    In November 10th 2017 I’m doing a 35 days trek starting manaslu circuit to connect to nar-phu and Annapurna circuit with another girl from London. I’ll taking addition 7-10 days to visit ABC. I’ll finish my trek in the second or third week of December. Since it’s your initial stage of plan. Would it be possible to schedule it later in December, I’ll traveling from ABC to Kathmandu to meet you (getting some winter gears) and we could start the trip together. My 90 day visa will be ending in February 9 2018. So will we have plenty of time for this trek and I am open to do more side trip if weather and time permits.

    Please let me know if you would like me to join you.



  4. Hi Fei,
    Most welcome to join in.
    And yes my plan is very flexible as of now, so dates are not fixed at all.
    It is great to know you have a lot of time on hand. In my case, though the dates are flexible, the overall length of the trip may not be very flexible. So it won’t necessarily be a mad dash, though it can’t be too relaxed pace too.
    However, having done the trek once, I’m fairly confident about the duration as of now.
    And yes, totally want to dedicate a lot more time to photography. I remember attempting long exposure shots and fiddling with the camera controls with the gloves on. And then losing the gloves to get more control of the camera and losing all feelings in the fingers within minutes. What fun! Looking forward to more of that… as silly as that may sound.

  5. Let’s plan to start third week of December. I’ll contact you and keep you update once I arrive at Kathmandu. Looking forward to meet you.

  6. Hi,
    Just following up on my previous reply.
    I will probably be starting on 8th Jan from Kathmandu for this trek (no leave on Christmas and New Year unfortunately). If you can reschedule your date to Jan..that would be great..we can go together. Else feel free to move ahead..i’l look for other partners then.

  7. hi guys, my name is sumit i am from Bangalore, i would be starting solo from jiri at the same dates as mentioned on 3rd December. see if something can workout, thank you

    • Hi sumit have you started to nepal or not. Are you extended your dates.

      Actually i am planing to come so only asking.

  8. Hey Nitin, We are two of us wanting to do EBC. We did ABC couple of years back with a porter and are open to dates and itinerary. Only small bit in wanting to be back before new year. Maybe to avoid the winter snow on Cho-la doing it in early Dec be a better bet. You know better am sure. Do share the plan as it firms and can plan accordingly. Txs