EBC via Gokyo Lakes

Hi guys,

My girlfriend and me (both 31) will be doing the EBC via Gokyo lakes from 5-23 december. Anyone wants to join?



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  1. Hi Jos,
    I am also looking to do this trek in early December (not sure of date yet as I am also trekking Annapurna in November). will you be hiring a guide or doing it independently?

    • We are considering hiring a guide. Our dates are fixed though. We already have the plane tickets. Would you be interested in joining? Normally I dont like being with a guide so long but I got some good experiences lately and also because of safety we are considering it now.

    • Hey cathi, i would like to do this trekk in december as well. My dates Are not exactly fixed yet and i would walk without porter. I also just did The anapurna circuut bevor. So i am quite in Form 🙂 let me know your plans

  2. Hi all. I am planning to trek EBC during December as well.
    And i havent book the flight ticket.
    My range of departure date from 8 to 10 december.. 15 to 18 days.
    I prefer to take only guide, without porter, so by trekking together we can share the cost.

    P/s sorry Jos for interupting your post. I wish i can join your trip, but 5Dec is too early for me.

  3. Hi Jos,

    I’m coming from India and will be arriving in KTM around 1 Dec and wanted to get back to KTM just before Christmas so dates could work! I was considering going without a guide but happy to share the cost depending on the price (was going to travel on the cheap). Let me know if you are still looking for people?