EBC via Gokyo Lakes

Hi – Looking to do EBC via Gokyo lakes. Arrive in KTM on the 3rd of November and planning on flying in to Lukla on around the 5/6th of November..I am looking for a reasonably fit partner/s so that we can keep a decent pace and spend more time chilling and taking in the scenery. Having back packed across most places I am pretty confident of doing the trek using just my guidebook but I am also open to getting a sherpa guide/ porter to get an insight in to their lives and to make it easier to chat to the locals and hopefully visit their houses – So flexible on this. Let me know of these dates work for you – We can try n connect before on Skype or Facetime to see if we will get along or can catch up in KTM when I get in.




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  1. Hey – I’m also looking to do a Gokyo/EBC trek in November. My plan as of now is to be in Nepal from around the 10th-26th of November. These dates are somewhat flexible though depending on the plan.

    • Hi Alison – I am scheduled to fly out of KTM on the 26th so would ideally like to start at the very latest on the 7/8th so that it give me a bit of a buffer – and in case I want to stay up in the mountains a few extra days. Any chance you could get there a few days earlier?


  2. Hopefully yes. I’m finishing up some research work in Bangladesh. As soon as that is finished I will fly from Dhaka to Kathmandu. If all goes as planned, I will finish by the 7th – I was just trying to give myself some buffer days incase I got behind. My flight also leaves from Ktm on the 26th.

    • Fab – so this could work…I get to KTM on the 3rd late at night..will need to get permits, find a chatty/ reliable porter, get over the diarrhoea etc anyway in the first couple of days so could have all that ready and done with by the time you get there so that we can crack on soon as..could work…

      Let’s try n connect sometime in the next week or so to see if we could travel together/ discuss plans etc? You can get me on Skype @ nazman79..if you can add me and let me know a few preferred dates n times, let’s try and make it happen


  3. All right, added you.

    • Ok – I got that wrong – its nazdude79 – sorry…just search by Naz Caffoor and you should be able to find me.


  4. Hi,

    I just arrived to Kathmandu and wanna do EBC. I’m planning to fly to Lukla and go for EBC . Also wanna see Gokyo Lake. So what are you rplans currently? I can start any day.