EBC Trekking!

Namaste everyone!
I am celebrating my 30’s birthday soon in march and i already thought of what i want for this big day celebrating 30 days in Nepal with their amazing nature! far away from friends and family i even convinced my boyfriend that i wanna do a solo traveling that i haven’t done before! he just said ok!!

I am arriving on 2.3.2017 and staying till 31.3.2017, i just started searching for information to prepare my plan and the requirements!
Although i am planning already but i would love to be free and explore with no stress of time, however i am planning to take the EBC trekking independently since my budget is about 500€ but would love to also share a guide with people and make a group if its better idea to do so, so please let me know about that.

I am willing to bring few things so i don’t have to hire a person to carry my stuff! i hope i will make it as minimalist as possible with 12-15 kg backpack.
I still haven’t decided about going to Lukla with the flight or just walking, also about Gokyo lakes i would love to visit it in the way back.

About the budget for the trekking i would love to stay on a budget since i am planning to go to Pokhara and other places afterward specially i am trying since 6 months to achieve minimalism in life!
About me:
I am very open minded architect and past artist, i celebrate trying new things in life, adventures that reflect to our way of thinking about life and our surroundings. Plus i am an Iraqi live and study in Vienna so i faced war and terrible things in my country and maybe that is why i enjoy the beauty of the simple things once man is safe healthy is then happy!

Please give me any tips that you may thought it would enrich my trip since its my first time going to Nepal and first time i travel totally SOLO!

feel free to share ideas and also to make a group, i got a deal from nepalguideinfo which consist of 12 days to EBC 1045$ but they told me that it would be cheaper if i wasn’t alone!! I think if i cancel the Lukla flight idea the trip would be much cheaper than that as far as i read on internet its possible to trek alone and daily expenses is about 20$ for meals and staying in guesthouses!

Please share ideas and feel free to write if you will be in the same time in Kathamandu we can meet there!

Have a great stay in Nepal everyone!



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  1. 🙂

    • Rimi
      Did you get my reply email and photos?

  2. Let me know if I could help you arrange your trekking permit and a guide (If you prefer) need!
    Sharing a guide won’t hurt, it will only help.
    I provide guides of all kind, with different personalities.
    All I need to know is your preference in a guide. And i’ll run like a wind to find the kind of match you are looking for.
    I am a guide myself and a trekker as well. I’ve been a guide and i’ve hired a guide, too. SO I think I understand the importance of a good companionship, good team.


  3. Hello Kim. Ice here. I will be going for an EBC on Feb 26- March 22 taking the original route (Jiri). If only I can change my schedule to join you to have a trek buddy. ‘Til now I haven’t find anyone who can join me on those dates. If you can possible change your itenirary we could go together.

    Kind regards.


    • Hi Ice! i dont know if your reply is in the correct place! however i will check your inquiry as well since i havent find a trekking partner yet too!

    • Hello Ice,
      Are you still planning on doing EBC trek from Jiri? I’m also planning on doing the trek from Jiri, and would to have a partner trekking with me as it is a long way from there. Anyways, please do let me know if you are still going and when.


  4. Hello! I’ll be landing in Kathmandu on 04March and looking to trek to EBC as soon as possible, from 05March ideally. I am also interested in keeping the cost down and sharing a guide and/or porter with like-minded solo travellers! It’s funny because I am also doing EBC for my birthday on 03March 🙂 Will turn 28 and want to achieve an adventure!

  5. Hei! Im from Finland and im very interested of doing some trekking in Nepal, but dont want to do it alone. I havent decided or planned anything yet and i would like to start in march as well,but the swcond of march could be s little too early form me :/ Im easy to get along with and like and adventures would be great to find someone to do the trekk with

    All the best,

  6. Hi Rimi. I’m arriving in Nepal on 28th of Feb and am planning on leaving for the EBC trek within the following few days. I’m also thinking about skippin the flight to Lukla, and trekking instead. I would love to join your group.

  7. Hello all,
    Is anybody planning on doing the EBC trek from Jiri instead of taking the flight to Lukla? I’m also planning on doing the trek on late February or early March. Please let me know if anybody is interested in doing EBC via the original route.


    • Hi Yudhir, I’m planning on doing the EBC from Jiri and would also like to add Gokyo lakes. I was planning leaving this coming week, but I can be very flexible with the date

    • Hi Yudhir. I’m also planning on doin EBC and gokyo lakes from Jiri. I will probably fly out from lukla to KTM on the return, however. I was planning on leavin early in March but my dates are also flexible.

  8. Hi Rimi, How are you doing?

    I am Rico and like you we will do the Everest Base Camp trek, but a little bit later.

    At the same time we would to ask you some questions and it would be great if you could answer them before and/or after your trek to the EBC.

    I wish you all the best for your trip to Nepal,

    1. Is it possible to hire a porter in Lukla?
    2. How high is the fee for porter for a day?
    3. Does this fee also include the accommodation, food and insurance of the porter?
    4. How many kilograms can a porter carry (max. 15 or 20 or xx)?
    5. How much are meals and water (boiled or bottled) close to the Everest base camp?
    6. Do you need crampon or climbing iron on the trek?
    7. How can you book accommodation along the trek before the trek or while being on the trek?

    • Hi Rico
      1. Yes in March 2016 there were maybe 20+ keen porters waiting at Lukla airport to be hired.
      2. I have never hired a porter. so you need to ask the individual porters about cost / insurance etc. The fee ususally paid in advance covers the porters food and accommodation and a tip for good service is given at the end.
      3./4. You can negotiate the weight with the porter. If you fly (non tour) the limit is 10/15kg backpack on your lap.
      5. At higher altitudes you would be very surprised how much you need to eat and drink to maintain your health and energy levels.
      Daily expenditure opinions vary $US10 to $15 per day. (I budget $15+ and usually overall spend less than that.) Basic food – a meal of garlic soup, dhal curry, nan bread is inexpensive – pizza or salmon dishes of fizzy drinks, bottled water or mars bars are sometimes more expensive than your basic food dish.
      Bring water tablets – cheap, effective and you don’t discard the empty bottles along the trail ( when it’s a very cold night I fill my 1L nalgene (bpa free) bottle with boiled water 100NPR – $1- use it as a hot water bottle inside a ( clean lol ) sock then drink the water the next day. Otherwise there is running water many places just purify it – wait 30 min then drink.
      6. Twice I’ve trekked EBC – never used crampons (Annapurna Thourong La pass yes ) I ALWAYS use 2 trekking poles – takes maybe 30% load off your legs and back + added balance.

      7. In March (and to a lesser degree in April – b4 peak season) there is ample rooms in the tea houses.

      You DO NOT know how (weather, health etc ) where you will stop each day so how can you book.

      ( To help avoid altitude sickness – See my comments on Kevin Byrne’s EBC trek April 7th 2017 )
      Hope this helps
      Trek smart and safe – enjoy
      Happy Harry

    • PS
      From my observations and chats it appears many ‘freelance porters’ @ Lukla airport, do not own a puff jacket. sunglasses or a headlamp (or good shoes).

      If you consider hiring a Lukla porter perhaps buy him a jacket, glasses and headlamp in KTM -will cost only little money.

      Between Namche and Lukla – the end of my trekking I always give away about 85+% of my KTM bought knock-off gear to random (- non freelance ) porters – .
      Easy to spot them – they carry the massive loads of building materials – reprotedly upto a staggering 100kg

      Maybe you consider doing the same

      Pay it forward

  9. Hello all..
    I m planing to do haome hike at nepal
    Started beginning march
    Leave me a message, if you want to share the trip
    I still not decide what i want to do. I m open in idea to do ebc from jiri, annapurna and other side trip like nar phu, or manaslu.
    My time feame is about 20-25 days, as long as its not ended at April
    Message me in inbox or facebook
    Ariel Stevan