EBC trek Mar/April 2014

I will do a trekking trip to EBC next year and alone. as this is my first time in Nepal, i’m looking for partners to join with me. If you are interested in and also finding someone, we should gather a group and make it together 🙂



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  1. Hi,
    I am planning to do EBC March/April 2014. I am also looking for a partner or a group. Please let me know if you are interested.

  2. Hi, I’m looking at travelling to EBC in March/April 2014. like you i am also planning to make the trip to EBC without a guide and porter. However, would like to climb the Island and/or Mera peaks which would require a guide. Would you have a time/date you will be arriving in KTM? I can be reached on Skype and my user name is dipesh_anandji Please feel free to call or message me…Looking forward to hearing for anyone. Regards Dipesh

  3. hi guys, i’m using only yahoo to contact, no skype. i will be in Kath around 10 april after visiting India. Staying in Kath for 2 days, then flying to lukla and start to trek for 15 days. thats my plan. if you think we can make it together, let keep in touch and plan more for it

  4. Thanks Annie.That might be a a little late for me. I am planning to start the trek in 1st week of April. I have to be back around 18/19 of Apr. Let me know if your dates are fixed.

  5. Dipesh,
    Does April 1st week work for you?

  6. Hi Sampath, i guess i can change my schedule a bit, and try to be in Kath on 5 April, is that ok with you? and i don’t think i will do the Island Peak trek, only EBC

  7. Annie,
    I just sent an email to you. Let me know your thoughts.

  8. Hello Annie.. I’m Sakib from Bangladesh.. I have come back from my Everest Base Camp trek 5-6 days ago.. and I’m planning for Mera Peak and if possible then Islam Peak as well.. I will be my 5th time in Nepal.. It may sounds a bit crazy, but you will get to know once you will reach there..

    Anyways, I’m planning for 23rd or 24th of April. I know it will be tough for you.. but still asking you if its ossible to make it together.. you can leave a message here, or you can also find me here on facebook..

    Sakib Ahmed

  9. hi Sakib, my plan right now is still flexible but i booked my flight to India from 10 march till 2 may, so i guess i will not be able to make the trekking together with you. but because you was already to EBC, can you share some tips from your trek? did you do it alone or hired a local guide or take a organized trip from agency??


  10. Hi Annie,

    I was just wondering what your itinerary is for reaching EBC? As my intention is to hike to EBC and then make my way to Chukhung in order to meet with a guide for the island peak.



  11. Hello Annie, it’s nice to hear from you.. thanks for your reply.. it’s perfectly fine, hope I will fine someone else here.. lets see..

    Anyways, you were asking me about tips and suggestions, well it would be easier for me to share anything if you can ask me specifically.. about the itinerary, or good places, or foods accommodation, or usual costings or etc.. it will be a great pleasure for me to help some other travelers..

    I went to Nepal for 4 times, and have never hired any guide or porter personally, but this time we were 6 in total.. so shared 2 porters, and hired them from Lukla.. it will be slightly cheaper to take a porter from Lukla than Kathmandu.. if you are a budgeted trekker/ traveler then I will suggest you not to take a guide.. and if possible then find a group or few partners here or on the trek..

    Please feel free to ask me about anything..

    Sakib Ahmed

  12. Hi Annie,

    It’s great to hear from you!!!  Is it your first time to India? I would be delighted just to trek to EBC and ” enjoy the daily life of local people”. Have you plan’s on which route you would like to take? As I’m working on that now. As of yet I haven’t booked my flights. My girlfriend is also considering going EBC as well.

    Concerning the climbs I would like to attempt the peaks, but I know that his is something that you don’t wish to do, which is fine. I just need to put a bit more planning on my side. I have found on your post that Sakhid is intended to climb the peaks so I’m liaising with him directly on the matter.

    I will continue to keep you updated concerning booking flights etc..bye for now



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  13. Hi Dipesh,
    I am planning for EBC ( No island peak) in the first week of April. Below is my tentative itinerary. Please let me know if this is something that you can work with. I am inclined towards taking a guide as this is my first time.

    Apr 4 – Fly to Kath
    Apr 5 – Fly to Lukhla & Trek to Phakding
    Apr 6 – Trek to Namche Bazaar
    Apr 7 – Acclimatize in Namche Bazar, morning visit Everest view point.
    Apr 8 – Trek to Deboche
    Apr 9 – Trek to Dingboche
    Apr 10 – RESERVE DAY (short day excursion towards Island Peak)
    Apr 11 – Trek to Lobuche
    Apr 12 – Trek to Gorak Shep. Ascend Kala Pattar, back to Gorak Shep
    Apr 13 – Trek to Everest Base Camp. Back to Gorak Shep
    Apr 14 – Trek via Pheriche to Pangboche
    Apr 15 – Trek to Namche Bazaar /Phakding
    Apr 16 – Trek to Lukhla
    Apr 17 – Fly to Kath
    Apr 18 – RESERVE DAY
    Apr 19 – Fly back

  14. Hi Sampath,

    I still haven’t booked my flight but your itinerary sounds good. I would however, like to climb the peaks.

  15. Hi Sakib, who many days did it take from EBC to Lukla? Also what is flexibility on starting times? I haven’t booked my flight yet but I’m looking into it, but my main concern is the time and how much time I have to spend in Nepal. I know the walk should take so many days, but I don’t know how long the treks will take to the peaks?



  16. Hi
    Im planning on flying to Lukla on Friday 11th April and flying back 15 days later on Saturday 26th April. I will be hiring a porter or a porter/guide in Lukla.
    Most people seem to be doing the trek in about 12 days, but i want to add another 2-3 days on that incase of flights delayed in Lukla and just to be a little more acclimatised.

    Let me know if that fits in with your schedule.
    Natalie from Australia.

  17. Hi Sampath! I think our timings are a match. I will arrive KTM on Apr 1 and plan to trek no later than Apr 3. This is my first time so I would like to do the classic EBC trek in about 12-14 days. Need to be back in KTM on the 18th or 19th. I will hire a porter/guide but that should be fine, right?

  18. Maryanne,
    I had a change in my plans and am starting the trek on Mar 30th with a tour company.