EBC Trek and Island Peak

My name is Elias. I am 21 years old and come from sweden. I have been living in Nepal for three months volunteering as an English teacher and I am probably staying for a while more. Before going back to Sweden I would like to visit EBC and climb Island peak. As I have been volunteering my budget is quite small but of course with no compromise in terms of safety. I speak quite good Nepali, fluent French, English and Swedish. It would be great to find someone to share my trip with!

My plan is to go up to EBC without a guide and then only hiring a guide and the equipment needed from chhukung.

The starting date can be moved two or three days but soon I will have to book my flight tickets. The route is quite flexible though I must be able to fly back to sweden at least on the 2 of april. I am willing to reconsider choosing another peak but I would prefer Island peak since it is my first time climbing mountain this high.



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  1. Elias, have you found any partners? I might join.

  2. I have spoken to two people so far. But nothing is sure yet! You are more than welcome to join!

    • Hi !
      Almost the same thing for me, not a big budget. I’ll arrive the 24 february in KTM and might fly the day after to Lukla. I’ll walk the EBC and would like to climb the Island Peak on the way back.
      It might be a bit earlier for me, like the 7, 8… of feb. Any chance you can be there ?

      What about the guide and equipment for the climb do you already have some contact / price ?


  3. I have a good friend in an agency who tells me the prices for hiring climbing equipment should not be to much. What seems to make the prices go high is the permit for climbing the peak and the guide. But the guide would be much cheaper in a group.

    I dont think I can make it to KTM untill the 7th of march (I assume you mean march). But write to me if you want to stay in touch for the trip.

  4. Yep,
    any idea of the price for the guide/equipment/permit for the 3-4 days of climbing ?

  5. I have heard many different prices but what I can tell you is that it is not cheap!

    In a group I think the price sohuld be around 700-800 dollars
    If alone I have heard prices that can be as much as the double.
    About 100 of those should be equipment, I would only hire equipment from chukkung, at higher rates of course but for a shorter time. Then There is the climbing permit and the insurance for the guide and so on..

    For the entire Trip I am counting on a maximum of 20 dollars per day for the accomodation (so thats 20 times 17 days = 340$)
    an extra 50 for trekking permits ( and tims card).
    and about 340 dollars for the flights both ways.

    • I would like to spend 600$ no more for the Island peak.
      I can be in Punkhung around the 7-8 of march. If that is ok for you can you try to bargain a little bit the price or give me a contact ?

    • Maybe 9-10 of march I meant

  6. Hello Elias, still interested ?
    I will arrive in KTM tomorrow evening…

  7. Hello Remi. Sorry for my lste answer! I cannot make it to start at that time. I only arrived in my destination in Thailand today. I hope you find someone. If not i recomend the restaurant called OR2K in kathmandu, it is usually a good place to meat other people in the same situation in Kathmandu!

  8. Hi! I’m interested in going on the smallest budget as possible as well (of course with safety in mind). I am into that date and am going to book a ticket to arrive March 8th. Still looking for a partner? I would prefer to not hire a guide as I think this can be done alone, and that would save alot of money.

    • Hello! I have changed my plands now a little bit actually. I will land in kathmandu the 12th march now and I will probably fly out to lukla on the 15th and I will only go up to the EBC and down again. I just seemed to expensive for me finally.

      I have been speaking to a guy called Tyler a little bit here. He is also doing the same trek. If you can and want to go the same dates as us you are very welcome!

  9. Hi Elias.
    Santul this side. I am myself a 22 year old solo trekker. I am arriving to Kathmandu on 12th march 2016 and I’ve planned to hire a guide and a porter as early as possible and begin with the trek to EBC.
    I am new to high altitude so not sure if I would be able to match up your pace. Plus my target time would be not more than 15 days as i need to return to my city on 29th march due to prior commitments.
    Kindly let me know if we could manage a trek.
    I am sure we would make a great company together. 🙂