EBC Trek

I have hiked up Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in Jan 2014. This is will be my first time in Kumbhu region. The goal is to reach EBC and hike up Kala Pathar on the way. This way we can get the best views of Mt Everest.

Provide your skype or facetime ID in order to connect and chat for a while.
Looking forward to have sensational and thrilling fun.

Arrival in KTM on 14th November morning
Depart from KTM on 6th December morning.

Confirmed Three Passes Trek



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  1. Hey Naveen,

    I won’t be in Nepal until around November 12, but I am hoping to depart for an EBC, Kala Patha and Goyko Lake trek around November 15. Is this too late for you? I am looking to get a guide as well, it would be cool to get a group together!

    What do you think?


    • Can you start on Nov 13-14th instead of Nov 15th. Then I can change my plans to be in sync. We both can start on Nov 14th. Thanks.

  2. Hey Naveen,

    I just don’t think I will be able to get out of Canada until November 13 now, so I unfortunately I think November 15 really is the earliest I could start trekking.

    Currently I am looking at this trek, which starts in November 15.


    Any way this would work for you?