EBC Trek!


We are two guys hiking up to the EBC and back.

We’re both in the research industry and are certified office vegetables! I however, switch jobs as often as I can in the name of career growth, but actually I just want some time to trek!

My name is Aki and I’m an Indian born Nepali from Darjeeling. My friend is Sunil and he comes from the deserts of Rajasthan, India.

We have both done multiple treks in both Nepal and India, I have done the ABC and the AC both.

I trek to clear my mind and prepare myself for the next stage of my life, and of course challenge myself.

We will be heading to Lukla on the 14th morning from Kathmandu and will be trekking from there. We are both fit and hope to trek at a brisk pace. We will not be taking any guides. I hope to use my nepali language (its my mother tongue) to find my way around.

We hope to be back in Lukla by 22nd or maximum 23rd. We don’t know if it can be done but we’ll have a better idea by 22nd :).

Let me know if any of you have similar plans. It would be fun to trek together.



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  1. Hey Aki! I have very similar plans and want to do it in short time. I from Chile and done many treks there it would be fun to join! Maybe we can meet up in ktm?