EBC trek

I’m looking to link up with any other trekkers heading out on the EBC trek at the end of May. I’m not a very experienced trekker, so unless I find skilled trekkers who don’t mind me tagging along, I will hire a guide. I really don’t have much room to work with, as far as dates are concerned. I fly into Kathmandu on May 28th and fly out on June 15th. Also, I know there are a lot of complications that may arise in the Khumbu because of the monsoon, so I may just end up doing ABC. Let me know, if any of y’all have plans to be trekking EBC or ABC when I am.



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  1. Hi Eric,
    We’re currently in Namche. Came back down from Pheriche yesterday as weather was pretty bad up there so came back down here to see if it clears off and we can go again. We will most likely be around here tomorrow and setting off either Saturday or Sunday. If you are keen to meet up drop me a line as not many Trekkers heading up there the past few days.