EBC/Gokyo lakes

Hi there,

I am doing EBC/Gokyo Lakes.
I will start in Lukla on March 31st 2018.
I would love to partner with like minded fellow travelers.
Trip duration 16 days. and will hire a guide cum porter. My dates are fixed

If you would like to join me in this journey send me a message.




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  1. Hi Perla,
    are you interested in something EBC and Chola pass?

  2. Hi Perla I’m planning to trek ebc too.I’ll be in Nepal 16th of April 2018..it would be my first time to trek in nepal. And I’m looking for someone to trek with.hope I can join you in the adventure. Good day!

    • Hi Cory, even i will be landing in KTM on 15th April and will be returning on 6th May. I am from Michigan USA. Let me know if you are still looking for trekking partner. Even for me this would be first time in Nepal, And more importantly I am not planning to join a big group. Max 2-3 people who are like minded and not rush through the trek for the heck of it.

  3. Hi Cory,

    Please send me an email, I would like to hear more about your trip, itinerary, etc .
    Perhaps we can trek together.


  4. Hello,

    I am also planning to do EBC in April. Is your trek details finalized. I am looking to join a group or ok with joining a someone on EBC trek. Please let me know.

  5. Hi Perla,
    I sent you a message on this site. Looking for a female trekking partner for EBC around March/April. Currently living in Japan, but originally from the USA. Hope to hear back!

    • Hi Christie , have you finalized your plans? I will arrive in Kathmandu n Match 29th. Let me know your plans

  6. Hi Perla and Christie!
    I am form Austria, Europe, would like to do the gokyo lakes+EBC, will be in Nepal around march 7th-april 10th. Have done the ABC trek several years ago, was great!

  7. Hi, I am planning to do EBC via Gokyo lakes route. I’ll be in Kathmandu from 17th Apr and can plan anytime from 18th Apr onwards. Let me know if you have similar plans or we can plan. I am looking for trekking partners.