EBC through Gokyo Ri

Found another group to tag along with. No longer looking at this date.


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  1. Hi Saira

    Have you finalized your travel plans? I am looking couple of local agencies for hiring porter and guide. Let me know your status. Basically I don’t want to join a group which is more than 3 to 4 people and I don’t want rush through the treks


  2. Hi Hari

    My plans are finalized and I am going on May 15th from KTM to Lukla and staying for about 2 weeks in the mountains until May 30th. I am tagging along with another person who has already found a guide and set the plans. If you’re interested in coming at that time, I can ask the person who planned it all if we can bring one more on. Right now it’s just the 2 of us, so it would probably be ok as long as you have flexible travel plans.

  3. Awesome Saira good luck with your trekking. Person who initially was planning to join me backed out. Now I am stuck with confirmed air tickets for april 15th :).