EBC Starting in Salleri, Gokyo and Cho La Pass

Hey guys,

The idea is to get a Jeep to Salleri from Kathmandu to avoid landing in Lukla (will also help with acclimatisation).
From theere will walk to Lukla, heading to Gokyo Lakes region. Will be crossing Cho La Pass heading towards Kala Patthar and finally heading to EBC.
To go back to Kathmandu I will be getting a plane from Lukla.

Going without a guide (maybe hire one for Cho La Pass in Gokyo).

I can share my full itinerary without problems, the idea is to spend around 19 days on the trail.



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  1. Hi Esdras,

    I have done this trek from Kathmandu via Jeep to Phaplu-Ebc-Lukla on Diember 2016 and Im going to do it again including 3 passes trek on Disember 2017.

    You dont need to walk to Lukla on the way up from Phaplu. You need to study your route correctly.

    You can see my journey to ebc on my FB if you want to. I can advise for your trip.

    Please contact me via Whatsapp


  2. Hey Esdras,
    I am Ank from Australia and planning to do my EBC +Gokyo in October.
    I will be in KTM on 21st Oct and was planning to trek solo however given the ongoing travel research, it seems a great option to explore the trail with a like minded person and share travel experiences.

    Your idea of doing a guide at Cho La Pass seems logical and happy to share costs.
    Ping me if you would be keen to discuss further.

    • Did you book your flights already? I did not book mine, waiting to get some stuff sorted first 🙂

    • I haven’t booked my flights yet as its plenty of time for me. I am in middle of buying a new pair of trekking shoes as i need to make sure they are well used and fit in before Nepal 🙂

  3. I’m not travelling at this time, but how have you managed to plan with Lukla and at such a cheap price?



  4. Hey Esdras,
    The route you have planned sounds great to me. I was planning on hiking that trek around that time. As I’m around in Asia anyways I’m flexible about the dates. I’ve hiked a lot in Europe, Oceania and Asia, but not on Nepal so far. Let me know if you’re still looking for hiking partners. Greets , Carla

  5. EBC Via Gokyo Ri in October So far this is my plan. I will book my tickets around August. Keep in touch !

  6. Hi Esdras,

    I am planning my solo trip around the same time. I am already in Kathmandu for some volunteering work but will definitely touch down Everest Base Camp around the same time you are planning.

    I would like to see your travel itinerary. Initially, I was just planning to fly in and out of Lukla, I haven’t explored the Jeep option more but I agree with hiring a guide for the Cho La Pass.

    Do let me know if it’d be possible to join you.

  7. Hey there!
    I am solo traveling to Nepal and planning on doing the same trek! I’ve read that it’s possible to hire a guide just for the Cho La Pass. What dates are you planning on going?
    I will arrive in Kathmandu Oct 22. Would be awesome to find a trekking partner or group!


  8. You can hike from Jiri as well

  9. Hey Esdras

    I get to Kathmandu October 26th and looking for trek partners to trek the EBC with. I did ABC two years ago without guides or porters and loved it.
    I would be happy to join you. I want to take my time and don’t rush. Thanks a lot.

  10. Hi Esdras,

    Interested in trekking around the same dates as you. Currently plan to arrive into Nepal on the 19th and am very flexible as I can’t really make plans!

    But if you are interested keep in touch and let me know otherwise hope your adventure goes amazing!