Lukla to EBC – Goyko Ri – Lukla – also need drone permit

I and a partner, coming from Australia, arrive in KTM on April 8. We are looking to start our trek on April 9th by flying to Lukla and then hike through to EBC/Kala Patter and then on through Cho La Pass and to Gokyo ri and then end in Lukla to fly home.

We expect the trek to take 18 days and we depart KTM on the afternoon of April 27. If there is time and weather is good, we may fly out of Salleri/Phaplu.

As an extra need/request, I want to bring my unmanned aircraft (drone) just to capture aerial images and video during the trek. I understand Nepal has a permit system, but it seems complicated to get it, even if it is free. I am willing to pay 10,000 Rupee (~$125 AUS) to any guide or person that can secure a permit for me in my name by April 8th.

As a group of two, we’re willing to add in extra trekkers, but we need to secure the guide first. The listed budget is for guide services but is flexible.



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  1. Hi Michael
    I appear to be some of the same route as you. I am heading up EBC trail as far as labouche and will then head for island peak. As I’m traveling alone I’d be interested in joining you for that portion of trek. I’m flying to lukla on April 10th.
    Let me know what you think.