EBC or Annapurna trek

Hello guys!

i`m Planning one month trip to Nepal during which i would love to go to the EBC or Annapurna or even Manaslu and looking for trekking buddies. Whether hiring a guide or do it alone, I’m OK with it either way. I’m totally open for suggestions regarding the itinerary also flexible with the dates as long as it is within September . Thinking about like 20 days or so.

If you’re also planing a trip to Nepal and you are interested in any of the mentioned, contact me!

Katjuša (24, living in Ljubljana SLO)



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  1. Hi Katjusa,

    I am also travelling solo in Nepal in September, arriving in Kathmandu around 7th September and would like to do the Annapurna circuit. The dates you are suggesting in your message look like they will work for me so perhaps we can do it together and maybe find some others to join as well?

    Ellen (30, London UK)

    • Hi there, I’ll be in Nepal around that time traveling solo as well and would love to buddy up. I’ve been trekking for a long time and have good experience on the mountains. Having some other folks to hike the mtn with would be great for safety and company. I’m working in Bangalore, India now, but traveling to Ladahk in Kashmir at the end of the month and will move on to Nepal from there. Let me know if you guys are still looking and we can see if it works and put together some meetups. I’m open with dates since I’m just traveling with no deadlines.
      Lisi (32, USA)

    • hello Ellen! that is great news! lets do this together, i`m sure it will be magnificent! if you have facebook/ whatsapp we could discuss some more about this there or via e-mail whatever suits you best. so if you do i`ll send you my contacs to PM.
      looking forward to hearing from you!
      cheers Kati

  2. Hi all, I’m going to be arriving into Kathmandu solo on Sept 15th and would like to do EBC (ideally with Chola pass), but I’m flying out on Oct 2nd so I’m pretty tight with my dates. Are you definitely doing the Annapurna circuit? I would be interested in joining but I don’t think I’ll have time to do the APC 🙁
    Let me know if you’d like to do EBC, aiming to fly to Lukla on Sept 16th.

    Lizzy (27, Brisbane)

    • Hi are you still looking for someone to trek with you? I am planning a trek for September

  3. Hi Katjuša

    I am also travelling solo in Nepal in September! I arrive on the 11th September and I want to do the Annapurna circuit – if you’re still looking for people to go with and don’t mind leaving until maybe the 14th September, I would love to join your adventure!

    Jess (22, UK)

  4. Hi all! Me again. I am flexible on dates, but because I’m coming from uttrakhand, India, west of Nepal, I am definitely going to trek Annapurna in sept and ebc in October. I think we could do Annapurna without a guide or with one and no porters. There are homestays and tea houses a plenty. Kati, Ellen, jess? Are we coming to any consensus on dates? I’d rather do earlier maybe the 8th, so that I can get to Kathmandu and do EBC in beginning of oct. I think they each take around 20 days not rushing. And why rush with those views! Let me know via fb or I think you can message on this thing as well?
    Cheers! Lisi

  5. Hello there! I am also planing a 25days trip in Nepal, arriving on the 11th in Kathmandu. As a documentary photographer i plan to explore the rural Nepalese villages by bus but i also plan to do a trekking to the EBC or Annapurna, we can join forces and explore Nepal together in September.

    • Hey Dragan,

      I am also looking to check out small and local villages in Nepal and I am thinking of doing it while headings towards EBC from Jiri (take a bus from KTM). I arrive in Nepal on Sept 15th and I am there for 21 days. Does this work with the plans you may already have?

      Jay (23, USA)

  6. Hi guys. I am also heading to nepal arriving 12 sept. I have 6 weeks so would love to fit in 2 treks, annapurna or manaslu and EBC. I’m happy to do it with/without a guide too and would love some arranged company! I’m pretty sporty but haven’t done any mountain trekking before, I can’t wait. Have you made plans yet?

    Cheers, leigh (35, english living in NZ)

    • Me and Katjusha are already making the plans on Facebook, you can add me and we can create a group of 3, plus the guide/sherpa with who i am making the arrangements said that he had one more traveler that is willing to join our group. Chat with u soon 😉

    • Hi everybody, I am also(!)))) heading to nepal arriving on 12 sept. I have less time then most of you (only 10 days) , but would be glad to join any of the group fitting the schedule if its possible.

  7. hi Katjuša,
    I am also planning for a trek to ABC hopefully starting around 26th September this year. I already have done couple of tours in Nepal including Langtang trek. while on trail, I prefer to have at least one porter/ guide to help better communicate with locals and obviously to direct us.

    so, if you’re positive, feel free to contact
    Rathin (31, Dhaka BD)

  8. We are couple (27F and 36M) also looking for partner in the month of Dec to Jan for Nepal or sikkim. You will get lesser snow in the month of Oct or Nov and can get rain also. Best time is Dec to Jan.

  9. dobre dan and Namaste

    I am interested in sporty and positive trekking partners for a nice trekking in Nepal. I arrive on September 20 and leave November 1st. Hit me up if you are serious about trekking !