EBC on Mid March to April

Hello trekkers. I’m planning on going to Everest Base Camp this coming March. I’d like to start on the 2nd week of March so that we’d reach the camp in time for my birthday 🙂
Looking for trekking buddies to split the costs or just someone who I can talk to along the way.



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  1. Hi Wally,

    Just came across your post. I’m looking at going to EBC and Gokyo Lakes in March/April 2014 with my girlfriend, not sure if the lakes interest you? If you are it should take 21 days Lukla to Lukla. However, i would be happy to join you to EBC

    Please let me know

    Kind Regards


  2. Hi guys

    I am planning to take the route too perhaps 2 or 3 week of march 14. As of now I am alone and would enjoy a company to talk to on the way. I am from Bhutan and love trekking.

  3. Hi Padam,

    Great to hear from you!! I was looking at traveling to Nepal in or around the 21st March to 11th April (21days) If you are interested and the dates suit you please let me? Meanwhile I am drafting a route that we can take which i will forward to you once completed, nothing complicated just what can be found on the web

    All the best


  4. You may want to re-think the time frame. All of the heavy mountaineers will be sending gear and hoards of climbers start to arrive in the back country.

    I went early February 2009- no crowds, plenty of tea houses to choose from, low prices.

  5. @Rich. hmmn. thanks for the advice. I’ll do more research on this and I might move it earlier if that’s the case. But isn’t February still a lot colder?

    @Padam Thanks for replying. I’d love to go with you if our schedule will permit it. 2nd or 3rd week of March is best for me. I’ll email you my current plans 🙂

    @Dipesh. Yes I would also go around the lakes before going to the base camp, but like I said I probably only have limited time. A friend of mine said that the Gokyo Ri – EBC trek that he did took him already 10 days.

  6. Hi Wally,

    I am now looking at going to EBC and Gokyo on the 14th March to 6th April. Although, it maybe possible to trek to `EBC and Gokyo in 10 days. It would be very dependant on whether you are susceptible to altitude sickness. How long do you have in Nepal?



  7. Hey Everyone!!!

    I am from Mumbai, India and have trek few mountains in the Himalayan (Indian) region. I am very interested in the trek to EBC through gokyo lakes and around beginning of March to save cost and bearable weather conditions. If you have similar plans, please send me the itinerary if made and the costs involved. I would love to join you guys for a very memorable trek.


  8. Hi Awadhesh,

    Great to hear from you! The plan is arrive at KTM on 14.03.14 leaving on 06.04.14. The route that I am looking at is Lukla, Phakding, Namche Bazaar, Dingboche, Lobuche, Gorakshep, Everest Base Camp. Everest Base Camp, Dughla, Cho La Pass, Gokyo, Machermo, Dole, Namche Bazaar, Phakding and Lukla. This is subject to change as its still early days.

    I am hoping to travel without a guide or porter with my girlfriend and another person from trekking partners. As for costings. The intention is to stay/eat at tea houses so cost should be kept to a minimum

    Anyway please let me know what you think of the plans? I can be reached on dipesh_anandj@yahoo.co.uk I am having problems with my trekking partners account

    Kind Regards


  9. Hi Dipesh and Padam, I saw your post about EBC starting March 6th.
    It’s amazing, because my dates are not very flexible but I was looking at starting on the 5th of March, so of course the 6th is fine too! I’m alone and looking to join a group.
    How many are in your group?
    I’d love to join if I could.
    I’m 32, from Canada, and have done lots of trekking.

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  10. Hi Dipesh, Padam, Wally, Nellie

    Have you arrived at any specific dates. My research says that 15th March -15th April timeline is best suited for trek in terms of clear weather and reasonable costs. So please plan your arrival dates around 15th March. Also, if required we can take one/two porter from Lukla and share the costs.

    If you guys have made up your mind, then I can take charge of planning the trip details and other guidelines. Ticket prices will soar up significantly in the coming weeks.

    Please reply or then we have to find other groups to join as a lone trip to EBC will be boring.


  11. Hi guys, have you locked in a departure date? I am looking to do the EBC/Gokyo trek starting 18th March.