EBC: May 21-June 1, 2014

Anyone contemplating doing an EBC trek in May 2014?  We are grad students doing the EBC trek from May 21 (arrive in KTM on the 20th) to June 1 (depart KTM June 2).  We are searching (and have found two that we’re debating between) for a local guide for the trek.  Let me know if you’re interested! 





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  1. Hey! We are also grad students traveling May 9, for 12 days. We are planning Gokyo lakes, but debated EBC. We already have a guide (we posted — we are Humour and Thought converge on Gokyo Lakes) Would you be interested?

  2. Hey! We’d love to, but the other member in my group can’t leave until mid May, so we’re officially departing May 20 and starting the trek May 21. Happy travels though!

  3. Hi Anna! Im flying into KTM from Vancouver on May 20, and probably want to be in Lukla on May 22 and get started right away. Where are you thinking about starting? Judging by your dates, I dont think traveling together is going to be an option but perhaps we could spend a few days traveling together if I can catch up to you!

  4. We are flying into KTM and then to Lukla the next day and starting the trek the same day (the 21st). And yeah you’re more than welcome to! We’d love to meet fellow travelers.

  5. Sweeeeeet! What are you thinking about for a guide? I was thinking about not getting one, but if the price is right I would be happy to go in on one with you guys!

  6. We’ve been talking with one in KTM whom I have read good things about. If you’re interested, I can contact him and see what the price would go down to if we added another to our group.

  7. Yea sure that sounds good!

  8. hi Anna
    I was thinking about doing the EBC trek and Gokyo lakes and would be glad to join you! Im in KTM from 15th of May so the time would be perfect and we could share the guide.

  9. I am so sad 🙁 I want to go with you guys!! But I need to start my hike on the 17. I am getting to Kathmandu on May 16, and have to be back by the end of the month. I guess we all have super fixed dates 🙁
    I think I will end up doing EBC too, but the Gokyo valley sounds really appealing. Let me know if any of you think the 17 would work. So far, I am going solo, but probably hire a guide.

  10. Hey! Are you still heading to EBC and looking for another to join your group? I arrive in Kathmandu on 5/20 and out on 6/4. Let me know!