EBC/ Lobuche

Hi all, first time to Nepal in April 2018. I’m wanting to do an unguided solo trek to EBC with a guided climb on Lobuche on way back.

If anyone is interested in sharing cost of the guide for Lobuche climb let me know. I’m in the process of looking for a guide/company for the Lobuche climb. I will need to hire climbing equipment as well.

Planning to arrive in KTM on the 1st April and start trek on the 3rd. Aiming to climb around 13/14/15th of April.

Any advice from people who have done this trip would be appreciated too.




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  1. Hey Brad

    When are you gonna start to trek? Planning to do ebc independent wonder if I can join you.

  2. Hi Cory, planning to start trek on the 3rd. I plan to trek solo but am looking for climbers to share cost for Lobuche. I have updated my trip to be more accurate. If you’re interested in the climb, let me know. Otherwise I’ll be trekking solo.


    • If I can join you in ebc unguided trek would be nice since I’m also going solo too.

  3. Hi Brad,

    I saw that you are planning a climb to Lobuche East. I did it last year and I want to give you some advice: make sure that you have an understanding with the guide you’re hiring about where he takes you. Most Nepali guides bring their clients only to the ridge and call it the false summit. The real fun climbing starts after that on a beautiful ridge. Our guide wanted to stop at the false summit, while we wanted to continue to the real summit (which we did). I don’t know if you are an experienced climber, but if you are make sure that you go to the real summit.

    greetings Sander (from Holland)

    • Hi Sander, thanks for the heads up. I’m not an experienced climber but always keen to do what is possible. If I can get to the summit, then I will.