EBC late Feb/March 2014—Join our small group!

Hello Hiker and Trekkers everywhere! We, 2 American women (in our 30s and 50s) have been planning the ultimate EBC trek for quite some time. We wanted to avoid going with a big international outfit to cut down on unnecessary expense and to have a more authentic experience, and hence polled many Nepal trekkers on their guide recommendations. We have now found the PERFECT local guide (fully accredited, extremely nice and responsive, and HIGHLY recommended), who has put together a 12 day trek for us, leaving at the very end of February to get a bit of a head start of all the March groups. The cost is very reasonable, around USD 1600 per person, which includes the entire trek (incl. accommodation, all meals, porters etc.), as well as domestic airfare plus 3 nights in Kathmandu (also sightseeing there and airport transfers.)

We are looking for others to join us to form a small group of about 8 people. We are avid hikers and have done some altitude hiking in the US, Switzerland and Peru. Please send me your email address (probably best by sending me a private message) you are interested, I have a lot more details on the itinerary etc. that I can forward.

At this point, we seem to be 4-5 people very interested and/or confirmed (from US, India, Australia.) Age range 20s-50s, fairly even male/female breakdown. Mostly average to strong hikers.

United States


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  1. Hi,

    I hope you are well. I came across your message and was wondering on how fixed you are on using guides and porters as well as with the time you have in Nepal for your trek? As I’m looking at going in March or April without the above mentioned. Also spend longer than 12 days.

    Sorry, I know it must seem like I haven’t read your message, I am interested in going and am looking for like minded people



  2. Hi Dipesh, thanks a lot for your note. We are really quite set on using this particular guide and his porters, as I cannot imagine we are physically able to carry all our own gear (at the very least it would greatly diminish our fun) and I’d also rather not deal with too many logistics on the trek. Our guide is known to have access to the best teahouses to stay in and I fully trust his judgement. Also, in terms of dates, we followed his recommendations to avoid the crowds we’d be bound to encounter if we went in March/April. I’d rather deal with than less than ideal weather over running into other trekkers all the time–I got quite traumatized from encountering hordes of people on the Inca Trail some years ago. It looks like our group might not be an ideal fit for what you have in mind? Good luck and happy trails! Sonja

  3. Hi Sonja,

    I thought it was worth a try. I’m finding myself looking at the option if hiring a guide myself as there is a lot to consider. Lucky I still have lots of time to plan

    Anyway take care and enjoy your holiday…



  4. Hi Sonja,

    Which guide/tour operator are you planning for? I am planning Annapurna and would be going through organizers with either guide and porter or guide cum porter. Everything will be taken care by organizer like how you planned. It would be good if you share/recommend some of the organizer and i can plan for my ABC trek in late Feb or early March 2014. I am solo traveler at the moment.


  5. Hi Priye,

    I just sent you the info via PM.

    Happy trekking,

  6. hi frd .
    hope you are healthy
    can i have the itinerary please.


  7. Hi Anup,

    I just sent you an email–beware, it’s REALLY long…

    Hope this works out for you…

  8. Hi Sonja

    I have plans post Jan-2014 anytime whenever weather is conducive and I am glad to see that you are keen on avoiding crowds. Last thing I want to see up there is crowd on trail 🙂

    I do not mind doing it alone but having good company would be a bonus, besides I need agency certainly (on this trek) as one is not allowed without them as per government regulations.

    If you can share details of your plans !

    Be safe & enjoy !!!


  9. Hi Sonja,

    I recently posted a reply to your post on trip advisor, as im wondering if you can send me your itinerary and let me know if you’ve locked in the dates. I’m currently deciding whether to do Everest base camp around the same time as you.

    Thanks in advance


  10. Hi Sonja

    I am from New Delhi, India. Very much into trekking and mountaineering. The dates appear suitable.

    Happy trekking


  11. Hi Sonja,

    Pls forward me the itinerary as I have serious plans to do EBC trek in March. I do look forward to join you if the dates are suitable.


  12. Btw, if have a moment can you share your guide company info? Your itinerary and description sounds just right for me.