EBC + Island Peak

I am still quite open in dates and trip, I just want a mate for making the route. No porters no guide.

The planned date was 23rd of November, but it can be the previous or the week after but always leaving Katmandu on Sunday since I will arrive from spain on Saturday. And I am planning to trek for 12 or 18 days (still open too)

Everest BC trek + Island peak (for this 3 days I am planning on hiring a guide and porter)

If interested in any of them just let me know, I just can promise a lot of fun.

Take care



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  1. Hi Jesus!

    I am looking at booking a guided trek for EBC and probably Goyko Lake/ Cho La Pass in the middle of November. This is the one I am currently looking at: http://www.goodkarmatrekking.com/three-passes-of-everest/180

    Does this interest you? Let me know 🙂

  2. Whoops, just read that you were looking to go unguided. Maybe not then 🙂

  3. Hi Jesus,

    I’m also planing a trip without a guido or porter at this time. I think about a 21 day (so 18 sounds fine for me).

    But I have some questions:

    a) where you want to start in detail?
    b) is the island peak a option or must? But to did this with I guide looks like a plan for me 🙂


  4. Hi, I’ll be in Nepal from 20th onwards, I’m interested in joining.

  5. Jesus! queria ver como seguía tu plan. estoy interesada en hacer EBC en esa fecha también. Lo quiero hacer sin guía igual. Avisame de tu plan a ver si lo podemos hacer juntos

  6. Im interested in joining, i will arive in Katmandu on next wednesday, I have found a Company that can sort out porters (mostly for the Company), if i found others i would rather go without. The same Company can also sort out Island peak at the same time