EBC in September, arriving to Kathmandu on 6th sept. Leaving from KTM on 5th oct.

Hi! I’m 27 year old reliable male from Finland and I’m keen to do the EBC trek in September. Like the title says, I will be arriving to Kathmandu on 6th of September and from that day I have 30 days to do the trek. I have experience of trekking in Finland, especially from Lapland, and I have no plans to hire a guide or a porter. At least not at the moment.

I’m not in a horry so I thought to walk the route in about 15-20 days. It would be really nice to share the costs (I’m trying to do this as cheap as I can) and experience with somebody and it should also be a lot safer as well! 🙂 Well write me to platz@mbnet.fi if you have silmilar plans for September.

J-P form Finland



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  1. Hi.
    how about arrive katmandu october 18 and begin october 20,i partner from australia and I ,we like to do.
    Juan Carlos

    • Hi Carlos,
      You are welcome to join us if you’re keen on adding Island Peak to EBC. We start around the 24th/25th of October. If you’re interested, please write to trekkingpartner@gmail.com. (Our itinerary goes thro Gokyo to EBC and then to Island Peak, there are 3 of us in our group at present)

  2. Sorry, I’ve already booked my flight off to Bangkok 5th of October to meet my friend there. :/

  3. Damn.. we could have join together.. We will be 5 in the Everest Base Camp trek along with Gokyo Ri and Chukkhung Ri !! 3 of my friends coming from Shanghai, and 2 of us are from Bangladesh.. we will reach to Kathmandu on 2nd September.. and our Lukla flight will be on 4th september morning !! sigh..

  4. Moi! Laitoin yv:n.

  5. Hey Sakib!
    Your itinerary looks great! Just the kind of I was thinking. It’s a shame that I arrive only few days after your start but I might be able to change my plans. Do you anykind of idea about the daily costs what it might be per person?

    • Hello Juselius,
      it’s really great to hear from you.. yeh, I’ve seen your starting date, it was 9th September, and you’ve said it’s flixible.. so that’s why I left a message here.. and well there’s nothing happened to say shame on, right.. don’t worry man..

      for each day the cost will be approximately around 1200-1500 nr including the bed charge.. I will bring some dry foods, like instant nodules pack, peanuts, snickers chocolates, gatorade energy drink etc which will reduce the pressure on my meals.. I’ve followed the same plan in Annapurna Base Camp trek last month, and in Jomsom Trek last year.. I have some photographs of the food menu of Everest Region along with their price, if you need them I can mail you..

      Sakib Ahmed

      [ p.s. if it’s possible then try to join us.. good luck man.. ]