EBC (Gokyo Pass) – December 2013 – Trekmates?

Hey all, group of 3 friends looking for more adventurous trekkers to join trip to EBC (and Gokyo lakes if weather conditions permit).

Looking to leave from Kathmandu to Lukla (flight) at start of December 2nd or 3rd and take it easy to acclimatise well to EBC. We would also love to integrate Gokyo lakes section as it is said to be stunning and unmissable. From my research it seems 14-18 days is best for this, but we are flexible with dates or times. Would prefer to finish just before Christmas.

We would prefer a guide so that the trip is safe and also like to learn from local perspective. Have found some good tours for a private itinerary at very good value. Private allows us to be flexible and manage trek at our own pace, but we would also like to share this lifetime experience with some fun people too!

Would also prefer to avoid Western tour operators so that money stays in local economy without a middleman (plus avoid having a large group of 10 plus)!

I am 29 year old Englishman, tour guide in Europe by profession so always passionate on travel! Joining is a 30 yo male lawyer from Wales, and 22 yo Aussie female teacher. Poss another 25 yo from Wales girl, but she is not confirmed yet. Friendly and passionate bunch for this trek, so if you want some company on the trail then please get in touch and we can all get a good price, and have some company and friendship to share the experience with! My email is

Would be great to hear from all ages, races, nationalities. Look forward to hearing from fellow travellers!

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  1. Hey there,

    I writing to you guys since I am also trekking in Nepal somewhat during the same time and EBC was one of the treks I was considering.

    I would be reaching Nepal on 23rd November morning either in Kathmandu or Pokhra depending where I am trekking and ideally would like to start my trek on either 24th or 25th morning itself since I have limited leaves.
    I remember last year it took less than one hour to get my permit. I have to be back in Kathmandu on or before 13th December as my return ticket is for 14th December 2013. So, my question to you guys is – is there anyway you guys could prepone your trip to 24th or 25th of November 2013 as you have mentioned that your dates are flexible ? Please let me know if the 24th or 25th Nov is ok with you ?

    A bit about myself……I am 42 year old Indian guy working in IT industry and have worked in different countries in Europe and Asia and now working from Bangalore for a US company. I am very much hooked into trekking for last 5 years or so and make it a point to trek atleast once a year in Himalaya. I have trekked few times above 5000 meters in Indian himalaya and this will be my second time trekking in Nepal. Last year same time, I did Annapurna circuit trek which was an awesome trek without any porter or guide, but tagged along with another group on day one itself.
    My preference would be without guide / porter, but if the team thinks that a guide is required so be it and I am OK to pay my share.

    EBC with Gokyo (Chola pass) can be completed in 15-16 days unless you are thinking of doing three high passes (which is kangma la pass, Chola la pass and Renjo la pass) trek plus EBC. We defnitley need a guide if we are doing these three high passes since the time we are doing is bit late and the routes can be covered by snow. Three high passes can be done in 18-20 days, but would be bit tight for me and also this route is bit strenuous. But if you are planning only EBC plus Gokyo, then it suits me very much as this can be done in 14-15 days.

    I would not call myself an expert trekker, (I have struggled a bit when above 5000 meters) but I can trek at my own slow and steady pace and have done some research of these trek routes and also many of my friends have done these treks.
    I am friendly and fun loving guy. I always look forward to learn something new from others experience.
    Also, If these days doesn’t work out, then I would most probably be doing a different trek in Nepal which is most probably ABC plus little bit of Mustang valley.

    My mail id is zemugap at gmail dot com

    Happy Outdoors and Cheers!

  2. Hi,
    I had done EBC and gokyo last winter..New year eve was at EBC! Do plan to carry a hiking crampon or microspikes for crossing the small glacier on gokyo pass. it helps! especially during the winter!
    have a great trip!

  3. Thanks Surajit!

    I will be carrying microspikes although I don’t think its required from last week of Nov to 2nd week of Dec for EBC treks. But who can predict nature ?

    Since Lucian has confirmed that he will be arriving only on 2nd Dec to KTM, I won’t be able to join his group and I am planning to do the other alternative trek of ABC plus little bit of Mustang area unless I find another group which is doing EBC in my time frame.

    Happy outdoors & Cheers!

  4. Hi,
    I’m traveling to Nepal for the first time from the U.S. and am quite flexible with my schedule. I am looking to do EBC and Gokyo; your trip sounds great. Do you have room for one more to join? I’m a 40 year old attorney and an avid hiker.

  5. hiya.
    instead a guide take a porter local with english . This is technically ease trek like Annapurna or Manaslu. The Area is open and is impossible to get lost. I would join with you but this is my last 5th option on December , so let you know later.

  6. Hey, there!

    Manz, I am heading to Kathmandu on the 19th and if you’re still looking for someone, it’d be nice!

    I’ve been trekking for a couple of years now (mostly in South America) and this is going to be my first trek in the Himalayas. Some of the ones I did are Machu Picchu, Aconcagua BC, Torres del Payne (Chile) and Snow Mountain (Taiwan).

  7. Hey Guilherme,

    I am not going to do EBC this year and have postponed it for next year. I will be arriving in Pokhra on Nov 23rd morning and will leave for Jomsom on 25th morning.
    I will be doing ABC trek this year starting from Jomsom/Muktinath. You can see my post here in trekkingpartners looking for partners and if you are interested in joining that would be really great.


    Cheers and Happy Outdoors!

  8. Hi Guys,

    i am doing EBC + Gokyo lake starting from 7th/8th December from Kathmandu and planning to finish on 25th Dec. if any of you would like to join he is welcome i am gonna do this on my own to explore the place as much as i can.
    I am a mountain lover and a musician by profession coming from mumbai, India.


  9. I am also doing Lukla-Gokyo-Chola Pass-Kala Pattar-Lukla trek. Arriving at KTM on the 2nd December 2013. Happy to go as soon as possible since my plane back home is due on the 22nd, I’m into photography and planning to get some awesome shots on the way around. I will be happy to join a pack. I’m from Poland. bdumbal@gmail.com.

  10. Szkoda, ze tak poźno wrzuciłeś ten post ,. pozdr

  11. Późno faktycznie, tak wyszło – dziś dopiero potwierdzono mi bilet. Może do zobaczenia na szlaku, kto wie?! Pozdr. B.

  12. hej , no ja w innym kierunku wale , w Khumbu juz 2 razy bylem . Moze na pifko w KTM sie uda spiknac 😉 kiwam w istambule ,bo lot opozniony . spokojnych wiatrow na szlaku i nie jedz tam miesa ,bo sraczka murowana 😉 pozdr