EBC + Gokyo lakes

I arrive in KTM on the 25th of March 2017. I plan to check out Kathmandu for a few days before flying to Lukla and beginning the trek. I already have one quote from a guide who was recommended by a friend who did the trek.
Please message me to discuss further if interested 🙂




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  1. Let me arrange your trekking permit and a guide (If you prefer) need!
    I can try to provide you the kind of guide you’d like to have for your trekking days, but of course, only after knowing your preference and need.


  2. Het Jake! I am also interested in trekking on thise dates. If possible I would like independet, but I am open if a guide is needed. Let me know about your itinerary and how long are you planning to trek
    Let me know if you want to team up!