EBC & Gokyo Lakes trek


I’ve been living 6 months in Nepal but before leaving, I’d like to do the EBC Trek passing through the Gokyo lakes.
I know is a cold period but the views now might be awesome.
I have done many treks, lately the poonhill trek and also the Langtang Valley, so I’m looking for fit parterns joining the trip.

my idea is to find a guide that can help us taking the good decision when bad weather or other obstacles might come, but to do all the managements ourselves. It’d be great to share costs.

To avoid paying two flights, the idea would be to leave form Salleri (2 days walking from Lukla), but then taking the plane to KTM in lukla.

Well, let me know if you are interested!



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  1. Hey there! Me and my girlfriend are going to be doing the same trek as you, roughly around the same time. I’ve done a 28-day trek in the Everest religion walking in from Jiri and then up each of the 3 valleys.

    We plan to fly in this time, but if you want to walk and meet us in Lukla that’s fine. We don’t want a guide as it’s unnecessary.

    Let us know if you want to join us and we can start making more detailed plans.

    Tony and Maud

    • Hi! that’d be great if we can join. For me it’s impossible to begin before the 4th feb, but that’s my bigger condition.
      If we don’t take a guide then I guess I can assume the cost of the flight, the thing is that february tends to be a bit unstable in weather condition terms, and being at that altitude I thought it could be really useful even if I’ve done treks by myself here in Nepal too…
      The Jiri-EBC trek you did was in which period??

      Well, we keep in touch!