EBC + Gokyo

Hello everyone,
I’m a solo traveller (English, now living in Australia) hoping to do the EBC trek, ideally via Cho La pass to make it a loop. I arrive into Kathmandu Sept 15th and fly out on Oct 2nd, so that only leaves me 17 days. I know that’s a tight timeline, but I hope it’s do-able, and would love to have a partner / group to trek with.
I’ve trekked up to 6000m in the Andes, but this will be my first time to the Himalayas, and I’m not really sure what I’m doing, so I think I’ll need a guide.
Let me know if you’re keen to join!



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  1. Hi Elizabeth

    I will be in Nepal around this time and would be really interested. Going via Gokyo is really the route I would prefer and like you say going over the pass rather than retracing your steps would be much preferred,

    I had been looking to do mountain biking whilst in Nepal but being a lone traveler the logistics are a bit of nightmare as you can’t really ride while carrying a big pack and therefore need to hire porters and some regions need minimum numbers so I figure trekking with some shorter rides from Kathmandu/Pokhara will be easier

    About Me, 30 years old, English (lives in Wellington, NZ)

    • Hi! That’s great that you’re keen to join me. I was beginning to look at group departures as I didn’t want to go alone, but teaming up would probably give us more flexibility and allow for the Gokyo loop, plus it sounds like there’s good company at teahouses en route.
      I guess the next step is finding a guide?
      Do you plan on using a porter?
      I realise time is flying by and I should probably get this organised!

      I saw your post about mountain biking, but I only have experience road biking so not much use. I do rock climb and was thinking of doing that for a day if I have time after the trek to EBC.

  2. Hi Elizabeth

    I will be in Nepal during this time and I want to do the exact same trek as you through Gokyo and to EBC. I was planning on doing it on Sept 17th, but I can start on the 15th as my dates are flexible.

    If you have space available in your trek, would it be fine if I join? I also would like to use a guide.

    I am 23 year old male from the USA who speaks English.