EBC from Jiri via Gokyo

I want to leave Kathmandu on or around the 13th October 2014 and get the bus to Jiri and trek to EBC via Gokyo. I would then fly back to Kathmandu from Lukla. Planning for the trip to take around 24 days.



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  1. Hi Will. I’m looking to do the same trip on similar leaving dates. I’ve spent a hectic day running around Kathmandu getting quotes for routes/guides/porter options and trying (unsuccessfully so far!) to round up a group. Happy to meet up for a beer tomorrow if you are here now and see if our plans could match up?

    • Hi Charlotte,

      Yes well iv sort of organised one. Basically $20 per day for a guide/porter and I pay my own way. Planning to get the 6.30 bus to Jiri and have a return flight from Lukla on 2nd. Gives 20days to do the trek, tight I know but should be do-able. Arriving in Kathmandu on 12th in the morning.