EBC from Jiri – October 2013


Im a 24yo female from Australia, wanting to to the EBC trek starting from Jiri.

The plan is to find a guide/porter in KTM, then catch a bus from KTM to Jiri. My colleague, who used to be a EBC tour guide has given me a recommended itinerary which is a 21 days return trip.

I’m hoping to start the trek at the beginning of October 2013.

Anyone else planning to do the trip at the same time and interested in joining?



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  1. Hi!

    Im Kriz from Philippines. Im actually planning to do EBC, most probably October-November or december (not officially booked)… If can handle it on October 3rd week, then, i think i can go with you. My plan is to trek from Jiri-EBC-Jiri. you can email me and let us arrange the trip if our schedule meets. I’m 28, male from Philippines.

    kriz Noel

    email: kriznoelcastillon@yahoo.com

  2. FYI, the suggested itinerary is (not set in stone, im happy to deviate from it if anyone has a better suggestion):
    Day 1 – KTM-Jiri (bus)
    Day 2 – Jiri – Shivalaya
    Day 3 – Shivalaya – Bhandar
    Day 4 – Bhandar – Sete
    Day 5 – Sete – Junbesi
    Day 6 – Junbesi – Nuntala
    Day 7 – Nuntala – Bupse
    Day 8 – Bupse – Ghat
    Day 9 – Ghat – Namche Bazaar
    Day 10 – Namche Bazaar (Acclimatization day)
    Day 11 – Nache Bazaar – Tengboche
    Day 12 – Tengboche – Dingboche
    Day 13 – Dingboche (Acclimatization day)
    Day 14 – Dingboche – Lobuche
    Day 15 – Lobuche – Gorak Shep – Kala Pattar
    Day 16 – Gorak Shep – Pheriche
    Day 17 – Pheriche – Tengboche
    Day 18 – Tengboche – Namche Bazaar
    Day 19 – Namche Bazaar – Lukla
    Day 20 – Lukla – KTM (Flight)

    • Hi,

      We actually have similar itinerary so I agree with it. What would be the possible exact date of your arrival in KTM? so that i can arrange my schedule.

      cheer up!

    • Hi Kriz,

      I plan on arriving on KTM on the 28/09 and departing KTM on 26/10.



    • hi Christine,
      I am still trying to arrange my schedules… I’ll just confirm if i’m already booked.
      Have a nice day!


  3. Hi,

    I am a 30 yo male doing my PhD in Melbourne, OZ, how do you get to KTM? What sort of funds do you expect to have going there?

  4. Hi ,
    My son and I did the trip from Jeri to EBC in may 2012. If you do have any questions let me know.
    I found the trip falls into two parts…from Jeri to Lukla is quite tough going with up and down trail…up 900m then down 800m, after that is almost easy. I would think about getting a guide and a sherpa as we did, especial for the first bit…not many other trekkers around to ask. regards peter
    good luck regard peter

    • HI Peter,

      How much money did you reserve for the whole trip? Where did you stayed for nights? how much was sherpa guide? I am planning to go with my girlfriend flying from Melbourne.


  5. Hi Wojtek,

    For the two of us including all meals, tea house accommodation each night on the trail, a sherpa, a guide, our flights back from Lukla to Kathmandu…just about everything was about $4000 I think. Our guide was Backan, you can contact him on : bachan4himalayas@gmail.com and get a better idea on prices. I would recommend him. He’s a great fixer… even got us on the second plane out of Lulkla after it had been fog bound for days. I was amazed.
    We also met some Everest guide/climbers in Namcha Bazaar, they were quite impressed with our trek from Jeri and even described the Jeri to EBC as about the same as climbing Everest!!!. That did wonders for my ego. Peter

  6. Cheers Peter so much, sounds amazing. Take care. Wojtek

  7. Hi,
    im 28 yr old male from Nepal planing to trek EBC from 7 oct So if you trek with me you dont need to budget for guide so if interested mail me at sagarsta@hotmail.com before 4 oct.