EBC, Everest Region trek, Island peak early Nov. 2013

Hello. I am Joan, male, from Barcelona. I am looing for partners to share the EBC trek with the gokyo pass, and climb the Island Peak.

My first interest with this post is to find partners for the Island Peak climb. I am fine meeting you guys at Chukhung just for the climb on Nov 15. Please read on for details.

I am also interested in doing the trek or parts of the trek with a small group. Please read on for trek details.

Of course to get to Chukhung and in good condition it is necessary to make our way there. In order to get the most of the fun and to assure a good acclimatization, I plan on a long route around the Everest area (the 3 passes route), with 4 high passes above 5000m.

The longest route I consider is

Katmandu – fly to lukla – Namche – Thame – Renjo La (5360m) – Gokyo – Cho La (5420m) – Everest base camp (5360m) – Lobuche – Kongma La (5535m) – Chukhung – climb Island peak (6189m) – Chukhung – Dingboche – Namche – Lukla – fly to Katmandu

This route admints a number of variations so if any of you want to avoid the Gokyo part or the Kongma La pass it´s perfectly fine. The trek, as described, is around 20 days long. Adding the island peak accounts for 3 extra days. Therefore if for any reason any of you prefers to cut this route, we can take shorter alternatives. This can help adjusting dates for all of us.

If any of you feel strong or is already acclimatized for the climb, there is the possibility to reach Chukhung directly from Lukla, Tengboche and Dingboche in about a week time only. If more acclimatization is needed, a small loop around the Kongma La pass would add an extra 3 or 4 days but a 5500m pass for acclimatization. After Kongma La, all nights will be spent above 4500m.

In any case, the meeting date at Chukhung would be around Nov 15.

I spoke with an agency for arranging for the climbing guide. The guide is living in Chukhung so we do not need to pay his transfer from Lukla or Katmandu.

Some relation of costs:
20$/day x 20 days = 400$
Permit 32$

guide 350$ per group
permit 100$ per person
Camping and other expenses (did not understand clearly what) 250$ per person
Gear rental (harness, crampons, boots, etc) between 50$ and 100$, depending on items.

If we are keen to, I would like to explore the possibility of making our own climb, without a guide. We would still need one to get the permit, but we could cut costs and have more fun if we do it on our own. I believe in Chukhung we can find all the gear we need, maybe waiting for a day or 2 if necessary if some items are not available.

As minimal personal equipment, it is necessary to bring your own 5-season sleeping bag and appropiate clothes for altitude.
Though they rent boots in Chukhung, I will also buy my own climbing boots in Kathmandu.

At Shona’s shop in KTM they make 5-season sleeping bags weighting some 2100g and costing 10.000 rupies (90$, 75euro).

Please feel free to contact me if any part of this plan is interesting to you.

email joan.scat@gmail.com
nepali phone +977 9818 276 896

I am already in Katmandu so if you are around please give me a sign and we can meet for a tea – lunch – beer and talk it over.


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  1. Shona’s shop in KTM makes sleeping bag’s? or will rent one to you?