EBC-ChoLa-Gokyo: Leaving from KTM Sun 20th Oct 2013 – Anyone want to join?

Looking for anyone who wants to join me – I’m happy to cover the costs of my guide (as I’m going anyway!). If you join up lets just say you can help out with his tip at the end of the trek 🙂 My dates are tight unfortunately: Flying KTM to Lukla on the morning of Sun 20th October 2013 to commence trek. 16 days, returning to Lukla on Nov 4th (with some buffer if needed). East-West version of the trek – EBC first, over the ChoLa, on to Gokyo then back to Lukla. I’m a 38yo married Aussie male, have trekked Nepal twice before (but not Everest region) – I just love the place. Feel free to e-mail me directly at lachlan.jones@foundation-aus.com if you’d prefer. Namaste!



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  1. Hi lachlan
    How are you?

    I am planning to going to go to Nepal,EBC via Gokyo too.

    Could you send me more information about the trip.
    I am 41 , I am from to Costa Rica.
    I sent you a e mail but the system told me that your e mail was wrong,

    Juan Carlos

  2. Hi Lachlan,
    my name is Bernie, I’m also in Sydney and will be in Nepal mid september to do Annapurna circuit followed by EBC , Gokyo & Arun valley , drop me a line if interested

  3. Hi Bernie,

    That could definitely work out. If you were doing the full AC and incorporate ABC side trip at the end…plus a little bit of down-time / recovery lakeside in Pokhara afterwards then you may well be getting back to KTM close to the time I’d be flying out to Lukla…

    Would be keen to explore further to see if your itinerary and dates would mean that your EBC timings may end up matching mine…you can email me at lachlan.jones@foundation-aus.com to discuss further.