EBC – April 22/23

Doing the EBC trek independently starting on April 22 or 23. Found a friend who will be with me, but we’re open to a couple more! We’re easy-going and love adventure.

We plan to fly into Kathmandu (April 20) and buy some used, warm gear (currently traveling and don’t have much warm gear with me). Maybe take 2-3 days to get it all settled.

Fly to Lukla after 2-3 days in Kath (April 22 or 23).

Begin the trek. I hike at a decent pace. Straight in and straight out is great. If there is time for another pass, I’m down. I don’t have all the logistics set, but if we feel good about trying something and we allotted enough time, then great!



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  1. Hey Jacob – I just posted a similar trip, but maybe you and I can joined forces. I’d like to fly out of Kathmandu for Lukla on the 5th or 6th – does that work for you? I’m bringing my own gear but I’ve heard it’s easy to pick up necessary items in the city upon arrival.

    I am definitely looking to hire a porter, but probably not a guide. Were you planning to carry your own pack, or get a porter? Have also read 14 days is the best min. for adding acclimation days into your trek – are you flexible on that 12 day timeframe?


  2. Hey Jacob/Sarah,

    We are 2 of us from India planning for EBC with Gokyo Lake during April26-May17, flexible with the dates. Let us know what dates you ppl have confirmed on.

  3. Hi there Jacob,
    Would be great to join you guys.. I am with Ashwini’s group.. btw, she is looking for a soul mate as well… So it should make for a fun trip


  4. Hey Jacob,
    I’m looking to do EBC too in early April. I fly into Kathmandu on April 4th. I’ve been to Nepal before and really love it. I’m also looking to do the trip with no guide and a small group of about three. I’m a 26year old from Canada. FB add/message me if you are still looking for some trekking partners! Wooo!

    Bree KV

  5. Sorry, forgot to mention that I don’t want a porter or guide. This is a DIY kind of trek for me.

  6. Hi Jacob – How goes it? Well, I am arriving Kathmandu on 4/12 and planning to fly out to Lukla for the EBC trek. I’m planning to do the Goyko Lakes cross over on the way back. So anywhere from 15-18 days depending on weather and all. I did Annapurna solo (no guide, porter, etc) and just met up with cool other solo trekkers and it was a blast. Looking forward to it. Let me know if your plans align. Thx and safe trekking!

  7. Hi Jacob! I want to make the everest base camp!, im now in kathmandu, looking for cloths prices, let me know if you will be here on this days and we can make it together! thanks!!!

  8. Hey everyone! Thanks for the replies.

    Plans changed and I will be flying in on April 20th and departing for lukla around the 22nd/23rd. Will then trek for 12-14 days.

    I have a friend coming with me, but we are open to meeting up!

  9. Super down to join if that’s cool! I think I’d like to go from jiri however (hike in an extra few days, skip the first flight). Mayeb we can meet up along the way?

  10. Hi, I’d also like to start the EBC-trek in a few days. I am currently in Nepal trying to sort things out, and would really like to meet up with fellow trekkers!

    Has anyone got any ideas where to buy used trekking gear?