EBC + Annapurna Circuit

my name is Isabell (29) and I’m from Germany. From middle of March I am going to travel through Asia. My first Stop will be Nepal, Kathmandu.
I’m looking forward to trek EBC and Annapurna Circuit. I will arrive in Kathmandu at 13rd of March and would like to start to trek around 17th. I haven’t still decided which trek I want to do first. I don’t want to join an organised tour, would rather hire a guide when I arrive. Carrying my own gear and any sort of standard of accommodation is fine for me.
I’m experienced in trekking in the Alps and Indonesia. I want to enjoy the views, culture, local people and villages – I’m not in a hurry and not a super fast walker.



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  1. Hello,
    I’m looking for someone to join me on the Nar phu valley trek, it lays between Annapurna and Manaslu and is less touristic. while I’ve read it is a challenging trek, I want to take it easy and take time to acclimatise, watch animals, and enjoy the landscape when possible. I would like to make my trek starting around the 19th of march, but I’m quite flexible.
    Would you like to join me?

  2. Hey Isabell,

    I’m interested in doing the 3 Summits Trail (which includes EBC) which I believe is around 14 days on average. For this one, I would probably get an independent guide, but I’m looking for someone to share the cost with. A friend of mine, who just completed EBC, gave me contact info of an independent guide that she highly recommended.
    I’m also interested in Annapurna, though I do not think I would get a guide for this one.
    Let me know if you’re interested and we can meet up to chat when you are in Kathmandu.

    • Hey Audrey! Sounds great! A Guide for EBC is fine for me. We can share the costs. I also think Annapurna is fine without a Guide. Which one of the Treks do you want to do first? For me both are fine. I will arrive 13rd of March (Tomorrow Afternoon) in Kathmandu. If you want we can meet tomorrow evening or an 14th during the day.

  3. Hey Helena,
    I will arrive on 13rd of March. If you want we can meet in the evening for dinner and discuss the trekking 🙂

    • Hi Isabell,
      I’m afraid I can’t make it to Kathmandu right now, besides I would like to start trekking around the 19th, so I don’t think our trekking times match.
      I hope you can find someone to join you anyway

  4. Hi Isabel,

    I want to do the Everest base camp around the same time as you. I arrived in Kathmandu yesterday. I dont realy want to do the trekking with a big group, But going alone is not a option. Maybe we can meet up?

    • Hey Marjoleine,

      I will arrive today in the afternoon. If you want we can meet tonight for Dinner or tomorrow during the day.
      I also don‘t want to trekk in a big Group 🙂