EBC and possibly Mera peak, or other routes – May 10(ish) 2013


I am a 28 year old male from Vancouver Canada. I am planning on arriving in Kathmandu around May 10. I do not have a set departure date, but am thinking I will be in the area for about one month, maybe slightly more.

I do not have a set itinerary yet, but would love to try something a bit more challenging, like Mera peak. I have also thought about doing the APC or something more distant, like Mustang. I am in good shape and have lots of hiking/trekking experience but no specific mountaineering experience.

If anyone has a similar itinerary and wants to join up and/or split the costs of permit for Mera, and some guides/porters let me know.




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  1. Hi mason ) I am comming to Katmandu may 13 with my friend , and also planing to go for Island Peak . So we could share permit and guide .. and when are you leaving katmandu ?

  2. hi mason and ivansky
    i am also planing to go mera peak but permit is $350 for four and need guide to issue permit. so if you are interested to join write me i am planing to go 15 may.

    • Hi thomas or mason are you still alive??

  3. Hi thomas ,
    are you flying to lukla on 15 , if yes I am fine with that .

  4. Hi Thomas and Ivansky

    Sorry i missed these responses – but i am still very interested in doing Mera or Island Peak.

    I arrive in Kathmandu in the evening of the May 9th. I have been in correspondence with a couple of guides and agencies that were recommended to me by family friends who have spent a lot of time in Nepal. The only one that got back to me with a full plan was also the most professional agency (and therefore probably a bit more expensive than if you just found a guide). However, the costs are not as prohibitive once you are able to do it as a group of 2-4.

    How far have you guys gotten on the planning? Are you thinking Mera or Island Peak? Do you have an itinerary or guide or were you going to sort that out once you land? if you like, give me your email and I can forward you some of the correspondence i have been having with some guides in Nepal.

    Thomas – what day do you arrive in Kathmandu?

    • we are coming only 13 at night and planning to fly to lukla on 15 or 16 , so I dont think it is going to work with you.

  5. Yeah that might be a bit late. But you never know – i might still be in kathmandu at that point. Send me an email masonwestbennett@gmail.com when you land and if I am still around we can work something out.

    • Sure, I will do it