EBC and possibly Chukung or Cho La pass

I’m a 26 yr old Irish girl coming to Nepal for the first time to do some trekking. Although I’m not an expert hiker I trekked Mount Rinjani, Indonesia a few years back and am a fairly fit person. I cycled 650 km last year alone through the baltic states. I’m looking for another independant or even a few to join me in early November for the company and safety in numbers. I don’t mind doing just Base camp or any of the other options if anyone wanted to go somewhere else.



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  1. Hi Kikino,
    We are planning on doing Island Peak thro Everest Base Camp, Gokyo and the Chola Pass. There are 4 guys and a 5th (an Irish guy) would join us at chukung to do Island Peak. However, we plan starting in late October, Say around 24th. If you are interested, please let me know at this forum or you could write directly to trekkingpartner@gmail.com

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hey 7Lakmal
    I don’t arrive in Kathmandu until November 2nd so I won’t be able to start until at the very least probably Nov 4th after I get my pass and gear etc. It sounds great but Will this be too late to join you?

  3. Hi Kikino,
    Yes, I’m afraid the 4th would be too late for us. We would leave the latest by the 25th. Pity, would have been great to have u along!

    Do let me know if your plans do change and are able to join us. I’ll put u in touch with the others and give more details. If u don’t, wishing you a great trip!

  4. Hi,
    I’m wilfred from india. Im planning to do ebc trek around same time. If interested mail me at wilfrdrichrd@gmail.com

  5. hey wilfred do you have a profile here?

  6. Ya kikino…I ve a profile here…jus let me know

  7. Hi Kikino – I’m the Irish guy (Joe) from Lakmal’s post above. I’ve just informed Lakmal that I can’t do their dates of the 24th Oct as I can’t get off work until early November so I’m not going to be arriving in KTM until the 2nd Nov.

    I’m planning on flying to Kathmandu – Lukla – Thame – Renjo La Pass – Gokyo – Chola Pass – Gorak Shep – Kala Patter – EBC – Island Peak – Lukla – Kathmandu.

    Obviously there’s more stops on the way but above are the main ones. I’m also looking at doing an all inclusive package with a guide/porter which includes all means, permits, flights, porter, guide, gear for climbing etc etc. I’m not sure if you are planning to carry your own bags & just doing the trekking but I have a fairly reasonable price from a company. I will need climbing equipment & guides for the 2 passes & Island Peak anyway so just thought it will be better for me to have everything booked & planned before I get there to cut down on time & for peace of mind.

    Anyway – let me know if this suits you. There was another English guy who was interested in same who I’m going to mail.

  8. Hey Joe. I’m planning on flying to Lukla on the 7th. I priced flight for 330 dollars return. I was thinking another option might be to walk to Lukla but I would have to get there in 3-4 days if I did that, starting on the 4th November. I also arrive on the 2nd November. When did you plan to start your trek? Me and another guy Shay- http://trekkingpartners.com/partners/Shay_Sherbo/ and another Indian guy are trying to align all our trekking dates. Some might not come but I guess it’s better to be in touch in case we can work out something good. Anyways be in touch and private message me your response 🙂 Kiki

  9. Hey,

    We are 2 of us planning for EBC around the 2nd week of November (7th can be the earliest).
    Completely new to trekking in Nepal although we do have a little trekking experience.
    I am not too keen on hiring a porter and since i see that our dates match we could plan the trek together.
    Already messaged Wilfred as well.
    Looking forward to a response.
    Cheers !!

  10. Cool Christopher. Send me a private mail and we can talk.

  11. Hey kikino12,

    I keep getting some error when i try sending a mail from this site to you.
    Could you give me your email address so i can mail you on that.
    Alternatively facebook would suffice as well.

  12. hello guys,

    I am arriving to Nepal at the 5th of November and I am interested in joining your group, it’s my first time hiking but I usually run and cycle, so am hoping that it won’t be hard for me.

    Please send me a private mail for more details. thanks.

  13. hey there, i’m going to be in kathmandu around the same time and want to combine gokyo ri and ebc (and any other side trips). i’m up for doing it independently and would really like to walk in from jiri. a buddy of mine used to lead treks in the area and said that this is the best way to experience some local culture and get better acclimatized. tony

  14. Hi Guys, I’ve had a few delays trying to confirm my dates. I hope to still aim for the 2nd Nov- I hope to be able to find out this weekend & book early next week.
    I still want to do the passes, gokyo , EBC & Island Peak. Once I am able to confirm my dates I’ll come back here.
    Talk soon. 🙂

  15. Hey

    My names Emma, I’m 24 from New Zealand. I am also looking for some company to trek with in early November. I will be finishing a volunteer placement in Kathmandu on the 1st of November and hoping to find some like minded people to do a trek with afterwards.

    Like you this will be my first time in Nepal, I am also not an expert hiker but am fit and motivated. I will probably have to be back in Kathmandu around 16th/17th of November but would be keen to talk to you more about your plans and see if we could work something out. Feel free to email me emma_riddell@hotmail.com


  16. Hey all..

    I am trying to arrange my flight to Lukla on the 7th. So if anyone is up for starting from there together, that would be awesome. Do let me know so we can plan well in advance if needed and co ordinate accordingly.

  17. Hi Emma and Christopher. We are currently a group of 5. I personaly have no problems with more people joining us as I think it gives the group more freedom to break away if some people want to do some passes others don’t without leaving people on their own. I will have to run it past the others who are 100% confirmed first. I will say it to them today and reply here:)

  18. Hey Kikino..
    That’s totally understandable. Makes perfect sense as well. But the 5 of you have confirmed – if you can just tell me the exact date when you set out or start from Lukla, that would be great so i also can start my preparations and then give you a 100% as well.

  19. Whoa big group!

    I just arrived in KTM (oct 22) and am interested in trekking EBC/Gokyo/3passes, approaching via shivalaya. Any chance you have some interested people that wanted to hike in via Shivalaya? i’m hoping to head to Shivalaya in the next few days but am flexible and really would like trekking pals. i’m 33/F/USA.


  20. So may I ask what are dates people here are trekking on?
    Anybody going for mid November?