EBC and Gokyo Ri

Hey people!

It’s my first experience with this site so I’m kind of unsure what to write here.


After a 5 month trip I finally arrive on the 10th of november in Nepal.
I should love to do a hike to the Base Camp and have around 20-25 days time to fullfill this.

I have trekking experience in the Andes and Alps. My heighest point yet is 5800 meter ( Misti Vulcano in Peru ). My longest trek was 7 days so the duration of this trek is new
to me.

In this trip I want to go from Namche first direction Gokyo Ri.
From there it would be nice to take the pass direction Base Camp.
I am very flexible in this trip so just contact me with your ideas and we’ll see!

I am in Nepal from 10 november untill 18 december!

Rock on!



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  1. Hi Nick
    I am planning to do the same Trek but the other way (base camp before gokyo) I fly to Lukla on the 10th, will take a porter to carry most of my stuff. Maybe we can meet somewhere along the way

  2. Hey!

    Is there a specifik reason why you do it the other way around?

    It sounds nice to meet somewhere on the way… Maybe on the base of Gokyo and then ascending it together!

  3. Hi
    I am doing this route because I understand it is much easier to go up some of the passes in this direction. Also this is the way most people do the trek so if you meet other trekkers you will be seeing them along the way.

  4. I didn’t know that it is more popular to the it the other side around… If it is easier to do the passes I will do this aswell!

    Here is what I had in mind:

    Day 1
    2800 -> 2650
    Fly from Kathmandu to Lukla in the morning
    Eating the last meat in Lukla
    Hike from Lukla to Phakding
    Sleeping in Phakding

    Day 2
    2650 -> 3440
    Hike from Phakding to Namche Bazar
    Stay in Namche
    Sleeping in Namche

    Day 3
    Acclimatization day in Namche
    Doing a 4 hour walk up the hill ( exploring where to go to the day after )
    Sleeping in Namche

    Day 4
    3440 -> 3820
    Hike from Namche to Thame
    Sleeping in Thame

    Day 5
    3820 -> 4200
    Hike from Thame to Langden
    Sleeping in Langden

    Day 6
    4200 -> 4600
    Hike from Langden to the start of Renjo Pass
    Sleeping somewhere around Renjo

    Day 7
    4600 -> 5340 -> 4790
    Hike over the Renjo Pass to the Gokyo Valley
    Sleeping in the Gokyo Valley

    Day 8
    4790 -> 5200 -> 4790
    Acclimatisation day in Gokyo Valley
    Hike to 5th lake and back
    Sleeping in he Gokyo Valley
    Extra: Recommended is 6th lake

    Day 9
    4790 -> 5403 -> 4790
    Hike to Gokyo Ri summit for crazy views and back
    Sleeping in the Gokyo Valley

    Day 10
    4790 -> 5200 -> 4800
    Hike from Gokyo Ri over Camp to Thangnak
    Sleeping in Thangnak

    Day 11
    4800 -> 5368 -> 4830
    Hike from Thangnak over the Cho La Pass to Dzongla
    Sleeping in Dzongla

    Day 12
    4830 -> 4940
    Hike from Dzongla to Lobuche
    sleeping in Lobuche

    Day 13
    4940 -> 5160
    Hike from Lobuche to Ghorakshep
    Sleeping in Ghorakshep

    Day 14
    5160 -> 5364 -> 5160
    Hike from Ghorakshep to Everest Base Camp and back to Ghorakshep
    If possible hike to the famous Icefall
    Sleeping in Ghorakshep

    Day 15
    Restday and sleeping in Ghorakshep

    Day 16
    5160 -> 5545 -> 5160
    Hiking up the Khala Pattar for crazy views and back to Ghorakshep

    NOTE: If I am too tired or just bored I can turn around here and go to Lukla in 3 – 4 days walking down. If I am still fit and motivated I can do the 3rd Pass Kongma La

    Day 17
    5160 -> 5535 -> 4730
    Hiking from Ghorakshep over the Komgma La Pass to Chhukung.
    On the way there is a possibility to climb Pokalde ( 5860 )… If this is really possible I will do this…
    Sleeping in Chhukung or if there’s a possibility earlier I’ll do that.

    Day 18
    2 possibilities
    1) To the Island Peak Base Camp and back
    4730 -> 5100 -> 4730
    2) To Chhukung Ri and back
    4730 -> 5546 -> 4730
    If I like it I will do both trekkings so that will take in total 2 days

    From here on I will return to Namche and Lukla

    Day 19
    4730 -> 3930
    Hiking from Chhuking Ri to Pangboche
    Sleeping in Pangboche

    Day 20
    3930 -> 3400
    Hiking from Pangboche to Namche
    Sleeping in Namche

    Day 21
    3400 -> 2840
    Hking from Namche to Lukla
    Sleeping in Lukla

    Day 22
    Flying from Lukla to Kathmandu