EBC and Gokyo Lakes

Hey all,

I am going to trek to Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes beginning on or around April 30th. I would like to set out on that date specifically, but my trekking partner and I are flexible if necessary. Shakawat (http://www.trekkingpartners.com/requests/everest-base-camp-and-gokyo-lakes/) posted before for this same trek.

We are looking for two, maybe three more people to round out a group and to head out on the 30th of April. We will not be using any guides or porters, so the only expenses you’ll incur are those for food, accommodation, gear and any other miscellaneous ones like beer and internet access along the way if you so choose.

Shakawat did the ABC trek last year and has done some other lower altitude treks in the past. I have scrambled to peaks of roughly 4,000 meters altitude a few times. We are looking for trekkers who have some experience in the 3,500+ altitude range if possible.



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  1. hey
    am coming alone from bangalore 🙂
    am 21 years of age 🙂
    and ill be happy to do this with you:)
    but can u prepone ur dates by a week 🙂
    thank you

  2. Hey there! We are 2 of us from India. We are planning for EBC and Gokyo. We have booked out flights to kathmandu for April 25th-May 18th. You are in a group or agency? And as per your plan you would be starting from kathmandu on April 30th?

  3. Hey man, I am interested in getting to the top of Island Peak, does this interest you?