EBC and Gokyo Lake, Nepal

I am planning for the EBC and Gokyo lake trek, most probably in Dec, 2016. I am planning to do it independently, might take porter-cum-guide on a daily paid basis.
Anyone interested ?



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  1. Hi I was gonna go to Nepal nov 23-mid December but people started warning me about winter… so probably gonna go in March
    But then i see so many people here don’t mind the snow?
    did you research it?

    • Hi Chana , it does get colder but i think the pros outweigh the cold ; its the end of season so its not as packed with people like other times , i think this would be pretty intense on EBC route considering the popularity and also during winter the skies are a lot clearer and you get clear views of the peaks .

      i did my last trek to ABC in December and there was nothing to complain about .

      Also if your still up for it do drop me a buzz as your intended dates match exactly with mine ; you can check out my plan as of now on my profile .

  2. Hi Rakesh.
    I am azlan from Malaysia.
    Planning to trek EBC this December.
    I am okay to hired guide and split the cost.
    Do let me know if you are interested.
    I havent book flight ticket..so i am still flexible on December time frame