EBC / 3 Passes

Hi. I am planning a trip to EBC and onward to the 3 passes.
Arriving in KTM Mid November, and hope to leave soon after.
I am arriving as an independent traveller, and completed the Annapurna Circuit last year (with a guide) during December.
My plans are somewhat flexible, although I am considering the walk into Lukla for further acclimatisation, and possibly extra acclimatisation days if necessary or if snow prevails etc.
I am looking for likeminded travellers to team up for the passes etc.



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  1. Hey michael, my friend and i are trekkimg from jiri up and around clockwise. This is my third time on three passes. The first two i did it withoit a guide but this time im going to take the guide i use in tje restricted parts of nepal just to give him a little work. Its really slow.for guides.this time.of year. Anyway his main task is to find us good raksi for a drink at night around the fire. Hes a blast to have around. Ive hiked with him in kanchenjunga, manaslu and nar phu. We wouldn’t be going super fast.and if somene wants to go faster either myself or siri will stay behind. Its my friends first time in nepal so i want him to see the three passes. If the weather cooperates we will also.get.to 6000 meters twice on side trails. Both of is are alaskan fishing guides. Cheers brother andnsorry about the length of this, haha!