Hi, I am looking for someone to join me to trek EBC in mid-June. My plan would be to start on June 12th or 13th. And trek for 13-14days aprox.
Let me know if you are interested!
King regards,



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  1. Dang. Would love to join that, but i’m going for a course starting on june 20 so i guess i cannot make it…

    Let me know If you wanna do trek starting earlier or in july, then i’m in:) If not, then I wish you good luck on your trip:)

  2. Hola Teresa, I am a Nepali. Not a guide. I am a business man who takes these long trips for break from work. I am also very experienced trekker. You will not need a guide. I speak English, Spanish (pokito) and this is my second tour of this region. I am leaving on similar dates as you mentioned. I am looking for a partner to trek with because my family insists I not go alone. Hope to hear back.

  3. How can I contact you, if I’m interested ?

  4. Hola maria, yo tambien estoy pensando hacer el EBC trekking para esa fecha. Me haces saber si aun te interesa buscar compañero. Mi whatsapp es +50762128891 o mi fb: diomedes fulo mojica.

  5. Maria are you still looking to do the ebc, im in kathmandu now and considering doing either ebc or Annapurna circut, I’ve been twice before to ebc but never at this time if year,
    both times ive gone solo, via two of the high passes(renjo la and cho la) but ended up teaming up with people on the route,
    as apperantly its really quiet now, im thinking it would be a good idea to partner up before



  6. anyone want to team up with me, I am also thinking to do EBC trek probably starting on 14th June or 17th June.