Easy trek, low budget, about 1 week, anyone?

Hi, I am a 31 years old Italian woman. On Friday 18th I am crossing the border from India at Sunauli and try to get on a bus to Pokhara or Kathmandu the same day. I am not experienced in trekking but eager to try an easy one, I think 7-10 days max would be fine. I am on a budget so, if I am not alone and it’s not strictly necessary, I’d avoid using a guide. My plans are quite flexible, I just need to be in Kathmandu by August 14 to catch my flight back to Kolkata. So if you are interested just let me know, maybe we can team up and enjoy some trekking together 🙂



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  1. Hi Chiara,
    I’m already in Kathmandu and will take a bus to Phokara tomorrow morning. I’m not experienced in trekking neither, but would like to have a 8 days plan until Jul 26. I’m not sure if going by our self is a good idea but we can ask once in Phokara
    Greetings, rocio

    • Hi Rocho, nice to meet you! according to my information it is almost impossible to get lost while trekking but you are right, it’s better to be sure! I am trying too to take an early bus to Pokhara from the Indian border tomorrow, so hopefully on 19th we’ll find out more!