Eastern segment of GHT-400 km, Suketar to Jiri Nepal through Kanchenjunga, Makalu districts

We are experienced and fit hikers and last year, I completed the 400 KM of the Annapurna and Masala circuit in 17 days. We are comfortable with backpacking long distances off trail, last year completing 250 km off trail in the Sierra Nevada’s of California USA. Typically, we hike between and 20 to 40 km and up to 2000 meters of elevation gain per day. We would prefer to self guide and use homestays or lodges until tents are needed and guides required.

We envision no more than one or two weeks of guided camping at a pace that is comfortable for all and which starts hiking at dawn and ends at dusk. We hope to journey this in March of this year.

We have two option we are looking at. Find these option at this link: http://caltopo.com/m/TUBS. You can zoom in on the map using a scroll wheel. You can also change the map view to satellite and see the terrain.

Option 1 The Lambasamba and Upper Great Himalaya Trail
This would entail a 200-400 km part of the Nepal’s eastern part of the Great Himalaya Trail that does not yet have a road built and hike that unassisted until we hit a section that requires camping-and to meet up with a guide and appropriate equipment for that section.

Here’s a rough outline:
Day 1 Kathmandu
Day 2 Fly into Taplejung (Suketar Airport) (#1 on map)
Davy 3-6 trek to Olangchun Gola (#3 on Map)-pick up guide, camping gear
Day 7-20 trek from Olangchun-up the new Barun Yeti Foot Trail to Dingboche (#10 on the map), camping and lodge
Day 21-23 trek from Dingboche to Samde (#11) Leave camping equipment with guide and travel between villages without guide.
Day 24-30 extra days for delays, fly to Katmandu

There are some unknown on this itinerary-such as the nearest airport from Samde

Option 2 The Lambasamba and Lower Great Himalaya Trail
This route starts in Suketar, then north to Olangchun Gola, up the new Barun Yeti Foot Trail, then south to the lower GHT.

Day 1 Kathmandu
Day 2 Fly into Taplejung (Suketar Airport) (#1 on map)
Davy 3-6 trek to Olangchun Gola (#3 on Map)-pick up guide, camping gear
Day 7-12 trek from Olangchun to Chyamtang (over the Lambasamba), camping and lodge
Day 13-30 Travel the “Lower” section of the GHT, including Majhawagadhi, Dobhane, Chhigaun, Junbesi, Bhadar and ending at Jiri (Orange route)

We are currently 2 strong hikers, seeking a guide and up to two strong, experienced backpackers. Prefer to have guides only in required and camping sections, and left to our own wanderlust during the lower, lodged sections.



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  1. WOW! sounds great!
    Unfortunately i am planning it for summer.
    All the best from my side and hope for your trip sharing/suggestions.