Early planning for EBC.

Hi guys! So I am planning on doing the Everest Base Camp Trek starting in late May. I am aware this is a bit ambitious considering the weather, but I believe it is possible. I am a professional hiking guide here in Canada. I do well with maps, know how to deal with altitude sickness, and am fully equipped and trained in first aid. I am just looking for a partner or a small group to join me, as it is just safer to go in a group. I am looking at the pros and cons of camping my way up there, and if we do decide to camp, I have the necessary gear to do it.

Im pretty much open to anything as long as it doesnt cost too much, because I plan to keep backpacking for two months after I am done the trek. If we could get a group together, and everyone wants to hire a guide Im open to that, but I would prefer to have no guide.



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  1. Hey there! Could we convince you to join our Gokyo lakes trek starting May 9 instead?

  2. Hey Leah! I can certainly be swayed, but I can’t start anything until May 21 or 22. I am in school until the 15th, and I already have my flights booked for the 20th! Can you delay your trip by a few weeks?

  3. We will be starting our trek May 21 from Lukla (flying into KTM on the 20th) for a 12-day EBC trip. Let me know if you want more info!

  4. Hey Rory! A later start date won’t work for us unfortanetly. Happy travels though!

  5. Oh that’s too bad Leah. Hope you have fun as well. And let me know if youre going to be in KTM around the same time I am, perhaps we could hook up for a drink or something.

  6. Hi Rory, thanks for the message……………you’ve certainly got my mind wondering what to do now! I will be arriving into KTM on 19th May (from sea level) and have 30 days to play with before heading to Myanmar. When is your planned start date for ebc can you pm me. Was planning AC as didn’t want to encounter too many tourists, but don’t think it should be such a problem at the time of year we’re stepping out. Talk soon. Regards Steve

  7. Hey Rory… are you still doing the EBC Trek?I arrive on 5/20 and plan to trek to EBC if all is calm/stable… let me know!