early march ! Annapurna circuit

Plan to reach KTM first week of march 2014, do Annapurna circuit in 3 weeks. Im not intending to rush it, wna truly enjoy it. Im open to ideas !! 




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  1. Hallo Nicholas, perhaps i will arrive at nepal around march 8th.. plan to be there around 2-3 weeks. perhaps we can share mind. neither do i have no exact plan at nepal. but over all i want to do annapurna circuit or base camp. still open mind to other as long as the time is suite, and have companion
    send me message for further discussion

  2. Hi Nicholas and Ariel, i am also doing the AC reaching Kathmandu on 3/14…are your dates fixed?

  3. halo Rahul. i m still on open date and open idea.. but i need to depart to my hometown at march 27th….

  4. do you want to do this trip together?? we might split cost, and it will be nice to have a partner while trekking..

  5. hey man, let me know if you want to go in on this together as we’re going at more or less the same time

  6. Hi Noah, Ariel and Nicholas,
    if you are interested in doing this together (some part or all of it) please reply with your email address and i will send you my tentative plans.

  7. Hi guys ! Yes email me. We should probably set up some facebook group chat.

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    Hi Rahul, Nicholas –

    Just so your email doesn’t get spammed, send your email to each other via the private message feature of the site.

    There is a message button for Nicholas below his photo in the sidebar. And to message Rahu, click on his name next to his picture in his comment and then click the message button from his profile page.

    Hope to make this a little easier down the road…

    Good luck with your trip,

  9. thanks @alex, @nicholas i just sent you a pm on this website

  10. hey everyone… a group chat sound awesome.. we should do that
    or my facebook is ariel_stevan
    waiting for respons from others

  11. Hey guys do you have some sort of plans now? I arrive in KTM on Feb 25 and would like to do the AC, preferably not long after I arrive. Let me know if you have something planned or not. My email is wudao2001 at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

  12. Hi guys, my plans are quite similar to yours. Did you already set up a FB group?

  13. Hi, I’m carlos from Spain.I’m 37. I’ll arrive KTM on 21th of February, but I planto do AC around 1st of March so I think I fit your plans. Can you please contact me with more information of the FB group? My original plan was doing in around two weeks until Johmnson but have flexible plans.

  14. send message of your fb to Noah, Nicholas or me….

  15. Hi everyone,
    I’m looking to do the Annapurna circuit starting on Tuesday 4th March, I’m flexible about where to end and on what date.

    Have you got a group together and dates fixed already?


  16. Hello, Judi. Just send your fb tothe other members by privvate message

  17. Hi everyone, have you got any exact dates yet? I’m interested in joining. I’m in pokhara at the moment and ready to leave for the trek whenever.