Anthropology/human ecology research trip looking at environmental risk perceptions. I have traveled to Dolpo twice before and have friends there. On this trip, we will spend 10 days or so near the village of Ringmo before heading out into Upper Dolpo, where I have been invited to observe the Yartsa Gumba collection. This is really a unique opportunity, and I am looking for a second to join this experience and to overcome the issue of restricted area permits. You must be a foreigner, and it would likely be better if you are male (sorry ladies, but my mind has to be on the work and the truth is guys don’t tend to tempt other guys in the West of Nepal). Come early June, after about 10-14 days at the collection site, we would then head back to the east . . . over the high pass route past Shey Gompa, Saldang, Shimen, and on to Jomsom. In total, the trip will be 5-6 weeks. I am looking for someone with trekking experience who can afford the permits required for this trek and who is interested not only in the landscapes but also in the Tibetan Dolpo-pa culture, especially as it is changing rapidly with the Yartsa Gumba “gold rush”.

Get a hold of me for more detailed information and to discuss your interests and questions; when doing so, please provide a brief bio and some sort of statement explaining your interest. Thank you



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