Dolpo, Jumla to Phoksundo Lake to Dunai/Juphal

I am looking for a single trekking partner (or maybe 2-3 persons? to join me) for an adventurous April 2020 camping trek. 12-14 days on the trail, plus a couple of days on either end for getting to and from the trek. Starting from the village of Jumla, heading East through Lower Dolpo to the village of Dunai, and then North to Phoksundo Lake and back to Dunai. Starting from Kathmandu around April 7 and from Jumla around April 9, and returning to Kathmandu around April 24 or so.

Unlike the “trekker highways” to Everest and Annapurna, the route from Jumla to Dunai is rarely used by foreigners; perhaps no more than 100 per year. Here are some 2008 photos of the trek, coming from the West into Jumla, and continuing Eastbound to Hurikot (first link) and east bound from Hurikot (second link).

A photo of spectacular Phoksundo Lake:

I have done most of the major treks in Nepal on more than 20 treks over the last 30 plus years. I have tents, cooking equipment and other gear stored in Kathmandu from, which you are welcome to borrow. So you only need a Warm sleeping bag, clothes, personal items, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the ability to keep your GOOD HUMOR when the logistics go not-as-planned, which regularly happens in unpredictable Nepal. I would prefer someone with prior Nepal trekking experience, but I’m open-minded about newcomers. I will pay for the guide and my porter. You can hire your own porter or carry your own gear.

Rather than add a Public Post to this thread, please send me instead a Private Message/Direct Message to me. I think you click on my user name “keepontrekking” near this posting, and then on the blue box that says “Message KeepOnTrekking”. If you don’t get a response within 48 hours, try a Public Post on this thread, with an email address or WhatsApp number where I can reach you. Thanks!

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