dolpa and/or west nepal

Upper or lower Dolpo, Lake Rara, elsewhere in west nepal
Prefer to trek independly if allowed, basic Teahouse



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  1. The 2 of us (me and my girlfriend) are planning to trek either from Beni to Dolpo (Tarakot) and then around via Dho Tarap and Phoksundo to Dunai (or Jumla), or the other way around.
    We just came to Kathmandu and are still researching the possibilities, permits, trekking partners, etc. We think an independent trek to lower Dolpo is possible, as the guide is only needed for upper Dolpo (this is information we still need to check), and would like to avoid having to rent a guide and porters. The first agency in Kathmandu we asked for the possible itinerary didn’t want to organise a trek without at least one porter and a guide that have to be taken all the way from and back to Kathmandu. That brings the price up to around crazy 200$ per day, witch is way over our budget (I think 30$-40$ max per day should be more than enough to do the trek on your own, getting food for 5 days that you need to camp along the way). However, if the guide is needed, it’s always a better option to split the cost between more people and find one locally, along the way before entering the restricted area.
    The plan is to start the trek in around a week, so it is possible to meet along the way somewhere (Tarakot?)…
    We had an idea to go white water rafting after we finish our trek, but we can also do it before the trek, so that we can start trekking a bit later (the temperatures up there are going to be more comfortable in June, it’s still freezing cold right now).
    When do you plan on arriving in Kathmandu and how flexible are you with your itinerary?

  2. Hi Luka
    thanks for your message
    I cannot arrive in Ktm before May21 am definitely flexible, I have a quote for a 22 day trip with White Hill Adventure, starting in Pokhara finishing Ktm US 1142 via beni durbang to lower dolpo circuit fly back dunai/nepalgunj
    for porter guide, permits, [on my own I still have to buy 2 permits], 1 way airfares.
    not including accomodation meals bus from Pokhara national park fees [$60], tip
    Planning to do it basic teahouse
    Guide carrying 5kg of my gear

    Obviously a quote for a party of 3 would be cheaper per person
    I shall send you my email by pm
    All the best