Dhorpatan/Lower Dolpo

Hi there!

My name is Pia and I’m looking for someone to join me on an adventure through Dhorpatan and Lower Dolpo. The idea is to start in Beni around mid-April and trek through Dhorpatan – a hunting reserve that only sees about 100 trekkers per year – and then do the Lower Dolpo Circuit. The trek ends in Juphal where you can catch a plane to Nepalgunj or opt for the road to Musikot.

This is not a teahouse trek although there are teahouses in some places but not all the way. I have a 2 person lightweight trekking tent that I’ll be bringing as well as camping stove and all the other equipment – you’d just need your own sleeping bag and mat.

I’m pretty flexible with dates and the exact route. The whole trek would be around 20-25 days. If you’re only interested in Dhorpatan or Lower Dolpo and only want to team up for one of these areas, that would work too.

EXPERIENCED TREKKERS ONLY. Please know that this trek is not fit for a first-time trekker. I do realize that this entire trek sounds like I’m a nutjob and have no clue what I’m doing, but I promise I’m not. Hit me up if you’re interested and I’ll explain in detail why this is a good idea 🙂



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  1. Hi, from the USA. I have been planning a Dolpo trek fin the period from about April 10 through 25. Your proposed itinerary is quite interesting, but somewhat different from what I was planning. My idea has been to head from Jumla to Juphal/Dunai, and then up to Phoksundo Lake and back to Juphal — assuming that the snows from this currently very heavy winter in Dolpo have melted sufficiently. I have been trekking over 20 times in Nepal and have several tents and lots of camping gear already stored at a friend’s house in Kathmandu. Is there an email address or WhatsApp number where we can communicate? I am in US Eastern Time, GMT minus 5 hours. Thanks!

  2. By the way, I just pulled out my Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve trekking map. The elevation of some of the passes on your proposed route are high enough that snow may pose complications for getting across them in April, given how heavy the snow has been so far this winter in Dolpo. You might want to consider doing the trek starting from Jumla, which has lower passes, to give some time in the Spring for the snow to melt on the section from Dunai/Juphal to Beni,

  3. Hi Pia.
    Since I have also thought about a similar route, but found it a little difficult, I would be interested in your ideas. I’m German.

    • Hi Olaf,
      I sent you a DM, let’s talk more!

  4. Hey Pia, I hope you are doing good. I am planning for a trek too from April 26. Is there any chance that I can join you in the lower Dolpo part? I have done the Dhorpatan while doing Guerilla trek in 2018. I have all the gear as well, stove, lightweight tent for 2 and the basics (Except the cooking pot). I would love to end it in Nepalganj as a friend is working there and I can visit him.
    For the background, I have done 4 treks in all (Guerilla trek in Nepal, Hampta pass, Bali pass and Kharnak in India). My speed is average, I don’t mind carrying weight (even though sometimes I am dying on the pass!).
    Let me know if I can join, I would love to do this.