Planning for Dhaulagiri base camp and Tilicho Lake.

Will be going without guide or porter. Looking for partners who would want to camp in the mountains a few nights on the way.



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    Hi Mudit,

    I saw your question on Olivier’s trip posting but thought I’d reply here.

    I spent a few days inquiring about the Dhaulagiri Circuit while I was in Kathmandu and Pokhara a few years ago, trying to figure out if my brother and I could trek the circuit on our own without any technical equipment.

    Needless to say, we received a wide range of replies from local trekking agencies. Some said we were crazy to think of doing it without a guide (and technical skills) while others said we could do it, but to bring a rope, ice axe and crampons.

    To be certain, it’s probably the most difficult/dangerous trekking route open for public trekkers that doesn’t require you to hire a guide. I wouldn’t recommend doing this trek alone unless you have past outdoor experience that involves high altitude and glacier crossing, and you have good judgment when it comes to the outdoors.

    On the northern end of the Dhaulagiri circuit, you spend three days at +5000m altitude, and trekkers/porters have died on this part of the trek before, mostly due having inadequate equipment (from what I’ve heard). On sections like these, it’d definitely be wise to have a partner or a guide incase one of you falls ill.

    When you hear people warn about white-outs and weather during this trek, they’re referring to being above 5000m for those three days and potentially getting lost, which is a bad situation. Again, this all depends on how comfortable you are in navigating on your own.

    That all being said, this trek is at the top of my list and the pictures people have taken are pretty amazing. I would definitely find someone to go with, though, so hopefully we can help you find some trekking partners before too long 🙂

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    Be happy to try to answer any more questions,



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